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Balaklava R4
Mid North Party Hire
RAIL: Out 3m 1900 to 1500, True Remainder.   CLASS: BM60   AGE: 3+   SEX: No Restriction   PRIZEMONEY: $15,000   DISTANCE: 1600m
No.SilkRunnerBarHcpDSLSCareerWin%Plc%APILast Start2nd Last3rd Last4th Last
1Dr Dependable
J Jerry Chau - T L Macdonald & A Gluyas
160.51718 2-1-511.1%44.4%
3 / 10
1200m S
3 / 7
2250m G
4 / 7
2049m G
1 / 9
2121m S
2Redeem Bounty
J Ryan Hurdle - T P Huserot
5591460 9-9-515%38.3%
4 / 8
1550m S
6 / 10
1200m S
6 / 10
1400m S
4 / 12
1500m G
3Rex Goliath
J Raquel Clark - T D W O'Leary
658386 2-0-033.3%33.3%
6 / 12
1396m G
1 / 11
1396m G
4 / 9
2050m G
1 / 10
1500m G
J Gary Lo - T Ryan Balfour
256.5719 2-3-210.5%36.8%
3 / 9
1718m S
1 / 7
1400m S
2 / 7
1500m S
3 / 9
1400m S
J Jake Toeroek - T Chris Bieg
756.51430 3-4-610%43.3%
3 / 7
1400m S
3 / 10
1300m S
7 / 10
1526m S
4 / 11
1600m S
6Svetlana's Arrow
J Dom Tourneur - T K M Sweeney
855.51433 4-3-412.1%33.3%
7Wonder If
J Paul Gatt - T R & C Jolly
454411 1-1-09.1%18.2%
10 / 12
1600m S
2 / 10
1400m G
8 / 14
1400m S
7 / 8
1100m S
8Prime Suspect
J Ms Anna Jordsjo - T J R Searle
3541056 6-3-1010.7%33.9%
6 / 9
1550m S
9 / 10
1200m H
7 / 9
1200m S
8 / 9
1550m G
DSLS = Days Since Last Start,   API = Average Prizemoney Index
1. Dr Dependable (1)
Jerry Chau (60.5)
Navy, White Southern Cross, Navy, Red And White Striped Sleeves, Red Cap
Age 5yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  L Macdonald & A Gluyas (Morphettville)
Breeding  Rebel Raider - Reliability (Kurofune(USA))
Owners  B H Perks, Ms A M Clough, H M Perks, G D McCasker, B J Couper, S J Katz, B Wong, Mrs J A Brown, D A Jay, B R Broomhead, Mrs P J Macdonald & A C Brown
Lacerations 1/2 nk. lg hd 3rd of 7 (2) $2.90F 59.0 Rockarral. Pat The Weapon 2250m Morphettville Parks (Bm60) Good(4) Feb 6. Began awkwardly. Hung out in straight 3-1/4 len. lg hd 3rd of 10 (9) $12.00 57.5 Arctic Blaze. Tailgunner 1200m Gawler (Bm60) Soft(7) July 28.
Career: 18 2-1-5
Track: 2 0-0-0
Dist: 4 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 1 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 1 0-0-0
Good: 10 1-0-3
Dead: N/a
Slow: 7 1-1-2
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $48,450
Won Between: 2050m to 2121m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 132 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 1028 Jul '19Gawler R7BM60 Hcp-15k3.557.59Jerry Chau1200mSoft7Yes$121:15.50
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Hung out in straight.
--- 172 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 706 Feb '19Morphettville Park R5BM60 Hcp-15k0.4592Raquel Clark2250mGood4Yes$2.92:23.17
Stewards Report: Lacerations.
Video Comments: Among best away, stationed 4th between horses, niggled at on turn, ran on strongly to place.
4 of 719 Jan '19Morphettville R7BM70 Hcp-35k3.654.54Raquel Clark2049mGood4Yes$6.52:09.73
Stewards Report: Pre race incident.
Video Comments: Out well to dictate, len clear to corner but soon joined entering straight, only battled from there.
1 of 928 Dec '18Gawler R5BM60 Hcp-15k0.2592Raquel Clark2121mSoft5No$2.22:15.99
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
5 of 619 Dec '18Strathalbyn R5Cls 2 Hcp-15k2.258.51Todd Pannell1600mSoft5Yes$51:41.33
Video Comments: Good start, settled 4th on inside, same into stretch, even finish.
7 of 905 Dec '18Gawler R5Cls 2 Hcp-15k6.4598Todd Pannell1200mGood3Yes$191:10.32
Video Comments: Settled back in the field on rails. Traveled nicely up to the turn but found very little when asked for the effort.
--- 140 DAY SPELL ---
8 of 1118 Jul '18Balaklava R7BM60 Hcp-15k5.6603Eran Boyd1600mGood4Yes$7.51:39.12
Stewards Report: Lost a plate.
Video Comments: Not best out and settled on fence towards rear, similar to corner, stayed on fence, sprinted briefly, peaked at 200m, folded.
--- 42 DAY FRESHEN ---
4 of 906 Jun '18Gawler R6BM64 Hcp-15k2.958.53Raquel Clark2122mSoft5Yes$3.82:14.18
Stewards Report: Overraced early stages.
Video Comments: Began fairly and landed in handy spot two off the pace, under rider's urgings to corner, battled on one-paced.
10 of 1426 May '18Sandown-Lakeside R6Open Hcp3120k5529Lachlan King2100mSoft5Yes$262:12.92
Video Comments: Settled handy but was trapped 3WNC going down the back, worked to second outside the leader at the 1100, still there on the turn but run ended at the 200, had a tough run.
3 of 1512 May '18Morphettville R6Open Hcp-100.2k3.35411Ms C Lindop1800mGood4Yes$111:50.64
Stewards Report: Minor Injury.
4 of 1002 May '18Strathalbyn R7BM75 Hcp-15k3542Ms C Lindop1600mGood3Yes$211:40.76
Stewards Report: Hung in throughout. Vetted - no abnormalities.
3 of 1318 Apr '18Murray Bridge R10BM64 Hcp-15k2.1576Eran Boyd1400mGood4Yes$2011:26.31
Stewards Report: Held up in straight.
6 of 605 Apr '18Morphettville Park R6BTrial30k6.4-6Eran Boyd1000mGood4No$01:00.30
--- 120 DAY SPELL ---
1 of 706 Dec '17Strathalbyn R2Mdn SW3+13k1.356.55Ms C Lindop2050mGood4Yes$1.82:12.08
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
2 of 719 Nov '17Strathalbyn R1Mdn SW3+13k0.256.56Ms C Lindop2050mSoft7Yes$3.12:16.21
Stewards Report: Overraced early, middle stages. Lacerations.
6 of 1007 Nov '17Morphettville R4Mdn SW3+20k3.156.510Ms C Lindop1600mGood4Yes$4.61:37.87
4 of 1420 Oct '17Murray Bridge R4Mdn SW3+13k5.8569Ms C Lindop1400mGood4Yes$211:27.65
Stewards Report: Hampered near 1200m.
7 of 927 Sep '17Balaklava R2Mdn SW313k8.557.55Ms C Lindop1300mFirm2No$9.51:15.95
5 of 808 Sep '17Morphettville Park R5BTrial30k8.3-5Ms C Lindop1000mHeavy8No$01:02.42
--- 136 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 725 Apr '17Murray Bridge R2Mdn SW212k4.857.53Raquel Clark1206mSoft7No$161:18.08
9 of 913 Apr '17Morphettville Park R5BTrial20k5.4-9Raquel Clark1000mGood4No$01:01.05
2. Redeem Bounty (5)
Ryan Hurdle (59)
Teal, Turquoise Angled Quarters And Sleeves, Teal Cap
Age 9yo   Sex G   Colour br
Trainer  P Huserot (Strathalbyn)
Breeding  Nadeem - Sparkling Bounty (Celestial Bounty(IRE))
Owners  Roi Bloodstock (Mgr: E C Watt)
Carried wide at start 6-1/2 len 6th of 10 (6) $21.00 56.0 Arctic Blaze 1200m Gawler (Bm60) Soft(7) July 28. 5-1/2 len 4th of 8 (8) $7.50 57.0 Svetlana's Arrow 1550m Morphettville Parks (Bm60) Soft(6) July 31.
Career: 60 9-9-5
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 2 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 1 0-0-0
Good: 31 6-5-4
Dead: N/a
Slow: 25 3-2-1
Heavy: 3 0-2-0
Earnings: $256,350
Won Between: 1350m to 1522m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 129 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 831 Jul '19Morphettville Park R6BM60 Hcp-15k5.6578Teagan Voorham1550mSoft6Yes$7.51:37.78
6 of 1028 Jul '19Gawler R7BM60 Hcp-15k6.6566Lachlan Neindorf1200mSoft7No$211:15.50
Stewards Report: Carried wide at start.
6 of 1010 Jul '19Morphettville Park R7BM64 Hcp-15k6.5595R J Hurdle1400mSoft5Yes$211:27.24
Video Comments: Alertly away to contest lead 3wnc, sent 2 len clear mid, under siege at corner, gave away at 200m.
--- 217 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 1205 Dec '18Gawler R7BM64 Hcp4+15k1.159.510Jamie Kah1500mGood3Yes$81:30.49
Video Comments: Jumped well and got in behind the speed in the 1 x 1. Came 3 wide, joined in off the nice trip but just couldn't get there.
1 of 721 Nov '18Gawler R3BM60 Hcp4+15k0.459.55Jamie Kah1522mSoft6Yes$3.51:35.12
Video Comments: Away well, stalked leader 2w, 2 len mid, moved to challenge at turn, took control entering stretch, fought on bravely to score.
6 of 1110 Nov '18Morphettville Park R8BM64 Hcp-30k4.9589P Gatt1400mGood3Yes$611:23.96
Stewards Report: Laid out in straight.
Video Comments: Fair start, caught 3w in midfield, 3 len back at turn, ridden hard into straight, even finish.
8 of 1219 Oct '18Murray Bridge R9BM64 Hcp3+17.5k4.158.59Sairyn Fawke1400mGood4Yes$411:26.07
7 of 906 Oct '18Morphettville Park R7BM70 Hcp-35k6.256.58J Potter1300mGood4Yes$411:18.90
Video Comments: Average start, travelled 3wnc midfield, similar to corner, didn't finish off.
--- 63 DAY LET UP ---
12 of 1204 Aug '18Morphettville Park R8BM64 Hcp-30k10.358.59Raquel Clark1300mSoft7No$101:21.19
Video Comments: Even break to settle worse than midfield between horses, under pressure before turn, no impression.
8 of 1121 Jul '18Morphettville Park R8BM70 Hcp-35k5.15810Ms E Finnegan1400mSoft7Yes$411:27.32
Video Comments: Sat three wide outside leader. Took over on corner but hard ridden. Battled on well until run ended 100m.
--- 42 DAY FRESHEN ---
2 of 1309 Jun '18Morphettville Park R8BM64 Hcp-30k1.5581Justin Huxtable1400mGood4Yes$201:24.50
Video Comments: Away on terms, settled just off the speed on fence, glued to fence on turn, tightened at top of stretch, kept on to line.
10 of 1426 May '18Morphettville Park R8BM75 Hcp-45k5.156.59Jake Toeroek1400mGood4Yes$211:24.86
Stewards Report: Inconvenienced at start.
Video Comments: Inconvenienced early and dropped back to last in the big field, same on turn, struck traffic before producing a brief sprint late. Never sighted.
9 of 916 May '18Murray Bridge R5BM70 Hcp-15k10.5589Kayla Crowther1406mSoft5Yes$91:28.60
4 of 1428 Apr '18Morphettville Park R4BM70 Hcp-100k2.757.58Kayla Crowther1400mGood4Yes$151:22.97
10 of 1414 Apr '18Morphettville R4BM82 Hcp-100k4.2555Ms L J Meech1200mSoft5Yes$611:10.96
8 of 1231 Mar '18Oakbank R4BM82 Hcp-45k7.7566Jake Toeroek1400mGood4Yes$131:30.93
6 of 1024 Mar '18Morphettville Park R9BM82 Hcp-45k2.356.57Jake Toeroek1250mGood4Yes$141:14.59
2 of 703 Mar '18Morphettville R3BM90 Hcp-45k0.1544Jake Toeroek1100mGood4Yes$611:03.78
8 of 922 Feb '18Morphettville R2BTrial-0k13.8-8W Lau1000mGood4No$00:58.20
--- 194 DAY SPELL ---
11 of 1112 Aug '17Morphettville Park R8BM82 Hcp-42k10.1578Jake Toeroek1300mSoft5Yes$311:20.54
Stewards Report: Vetted - no abnormalities.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
10 of 1015 Jul '17Morphettville Park R6BM82 Hcp-42k17.2586Jake Toeroek1400mSoft6Yes$9.51:26.24
Stewards Report: Vetted - no abnormalities.
3. Rex Goliath (6)
Raquel Clark (58)
Black, White Diamonds
Age 6yo   Sex G   Colour gr
Trainer  D W O'Leary (Goolwa)
Breeding  Gallo Di Ferro(USA) - Antiquorum(NZ) (Nicolotte(GB))
Owners  M A Conroy, Ms R Davis & D W O'Leary
1-1/4 len win of 11 (5) $21.00 57.0 Get In The Bowl. Real Easy 1396m Port Augusta Hcp (C2) Good(3) June 23. Laid in near 100m 5-1/4 len 6th of 12 (8) $5.50 58.0 Harbour Express 1396m Port Augusta Hcp (C2) Good(3) July 7.
Career: 6 2-0-0
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 0 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 6 2-0-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 0 0-0-0
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $17,300
Won Between: 1396m to 1500m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 153 DAY SPELL ---
6 of 1207 Jul '19Port Augusta R5Cls 2 Hcp-12k5.3588Sophie Logan1396mGood3Yes$5.51:22.82
Stewards Report: Laid in near 100m.
1 of 1123 Jun '19Port Augusta R6Cls 2 Hcp-12k1.3575Sophie Logan1396mGood3Yes$211:22.29
--- 217 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 918 Nov '18Strathalbyn R1Cls 1 SW3+15k8.9597Jake Toeroek2050mGood4No$8.52:10.78
1 of 1026 Oct '18Gawler R2Mdn SW3+13k0.1589Raquel Clark1500mGood4Yes$311:32.65
Stewards Report: Held up near 200m.
7 of 703 Oct '18Strathalbyn R1Mdn SW3+13k14.4586Ms K Bishop1350mGood4No$411:24.78
Video Comments: Out okay, restrained to 3rd last 2w, got moving approaching corner but a long way off them and failed to make any headway.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
10 of 1305 Sep '18Strathalbyn R2Mdn SW3+13k5.65812Raquel Clark1350mGood4No$151:25.69
Stewards Report: Shifted in early on. Struck interference early on. Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Posted 3w just off the speed, took control into stretch but the hard work took it's toll and he weakened right out of the picture.
4. Hahndorf (2)
Gary Lo (56.5)
Royal Blue, White Stars, White Sleeves, Royal Blue Stars And Star Cap, White Pom Pom
Age 5yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  Ryan Balfour (Morphettville 1)
Breeding  Artie Schiller(USA) - Fasliyev Dancer (Fasliyev(USA))
Owners  D G Wilson, C D Kachel, Mrs G R B Carbone, A V Tassone, Miss I A C Tassone & R B R (Mgr: R W Balfour)
Overraced early. middle stages 1-1/4 len win of 7 (7) $4.00 52.0 Exalted Traveller. Unscopeable 1400m Morphettville Parks (Bm60) Soft(6) July 31. 1/2 len. 3 len 3rd of 9 (6) $2.50F 54.5 Exalted Ruth. Diamonds Are 1718m Gawler (Bm60) Soft(5) Aug 7.
Career: 19 2-3-2
Track: 7 1-1-1
Dist: 0 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 10 1-2-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 8 1-1-2
Heavy: 1 0-0-0
Earnings: $34,100
Won Between: 1200m to 1400m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 122 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 907 Aug '19Gawler R4BM60 Hcp-15k3.554.56Gary Lo1718mSoft5No$2.51:47.67
Video Comments: Out well to early lead, 2 len 2nd mid then back in control at corner, wanted to lay out in stretch, claimed by first two inside 100m, held on for 3rd.
1 of 731 Jul '19Morphettville Park R5BM60 Hcp-15k1.3527Gary Lo1400mSoft6No$41:27.18
Stewards Report: Overraced early, middle stages.
2 of 728 Jul '19Gawler R6Cls 2 Hcp-15k1.3526Gary Lo1500mSoft7No$101:34.43
3 of 917 Jul '19Balaklava R6BM60 Hcp-15k3.1557Todd Pannell1400mSoft6No$181:26.57
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Moderate start, allowed to settle towards rear, same and edged deeper into stretch, closed off strongly late for remote 3rd.
6 of 1026 Jun '19Gawler R8BM60 Hcp-15k4.555.55Sairyn Fawke1526mSoft5No$191:36.92
Video Comments: Good start, eased to midfield 2w, similar at corner but under pressure, battled to line.
5 of 1419 Jun '19Balaklava R8BM60 Hcp-15k6.856.58Ms C Jones1400mSoft5No$191:24.94
Stewards Report: Overraced early, middle stages. Checked near 1000m.
Video Comments: Fair start, settled off midfield deep 7 len, same at turn, made minor headway in stretch. Leader dominated.
2 of 729 May '19Balaklava R2Cls 2 Hcp-15k1.354.51P Gatt1400mGood4No$261:25.11
Video Comments: Good start, settled 3 len 3rd on inside, under urgings into stretch, boxed on solidly to grab 2nd on wire.
5 of 822 May '19Gawler R5Cls 2 Hcp-15k4.655.55P Gatt1200mSoft5No$261:13.72
Stewards Report: Overraced early stages.
Video Comments: Keen early in midfield 2w, near last at corner, battled to line.
11 of 1408 May '19Balaklava R8BM56 Hcp-15k8.659.57Sairyn Fawke1300mGood4No$311:19.04
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Began OK and settled back on rails. Under a ride on turning the corner and just battled to the line.
8 of 925 Apr '19Gawler R1Cls 2 Hcp-15k4.2572Sairyn Fawke1106mGood4No$201:08.17
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
5 of 611 Apr '19Morphettville Park R6BTrial-0k3.4-5Sairyn Fawke1000mGood4No$01:00.59
--- 267 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 1218 Jul '18Balaklava R6BM56 Hcp-15k46012Todd Pannell1200mGood4No$9.51:12.40
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Dwelt at start and raced at the tail, awkwardly placed with plenty to do on turn, into clear at 150m, best stride late. Unlucky!
5 of 727 Jun '18Gawler R5BM64 Hcp315k5.2573P Gatt1222mSoft5No$191:14.11
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Bombed start and detached early, ridden deep to turn, laid in under pressure in straight, safely held.
10 of 1316 Jun '18Morphettville R5BM70 Hcp345k7.2562A Mallyon1100mHeavy8No$511:06.79
Video Comments: Off slowly and settled near tail, unmoved on turn, went home very tamely.
1 of 730 May '18Balaklava R1Mdn SW313k2.557.57Todd Pannell1200mGood4No$1.851:12.28
Video Comments: Unhurried early and settled out the back, patiently ridden, edged wide to corner, cruised up at 200m and put paid to them quickly. Superior.
5 of 909 May '18Balaklava R4Mdn SW313k5.357.59J Holder1400mGood4No$111:22.86
Stewards Report: Overraced early on. Clipped heels.
7 of 1125 Apr '18Gawler R2Mdn SW3+13k3.35711Jake Toeroek1100mGood4No$8.51:06.81
Stewards Report: Passed fit at barrier. Began awkwardly. Laid in throughout.
2 of 1007 Apr '18Morphettville R1Mdn SW330k0.457.55Jake Toeroek1200mGood4No$311:11.15
Stewards Report: Laid in throughout. Vetted - no abnormalities.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
4 of 810 Mar '18Morphettville Park R3Mdn SW3+30k3.8571Jake Toeroek1000mGood4No$610:58.66
Stewards Report: Held up in straight.
7 of 824 Feb '18Morphettville Park R2Mdn SW330k8.357.53S Price1000mGood4No$210:59.40
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
--- 79 DAY LET UP ---
7 of 707 Dec '17Morphettville Park R6BTrial30k12.8-7S Price1000mSoft5No$01:00.47
5. Unscopeable (7)
Jake Toeroek (56.5)
Black, Orange Crossed Sashes And Armbands
Age 5yo   Sex M   Colour br
Trainer  Chris Bieg (Morphettville)
Breeding  Duporth - Klatch (Anabaa(USA))
Owners  Mrs S Bieg, T M Snelling, L Williams, A J Larkin, Ms A Barry, K Nikkhah, H G Tsimiklis, M D Pickering, Z McDonald, Ms R Macleod & R E Stirling
Began awkwardly. Laid in in straight 2-1/4 len. lg nk 3rd of 10 (7) $21.00 56.5 Westport. Misscino 1300m Morphettville Parks F&M (Bm64) Soft(5) July 10. 1-1/4 len. 2-1/4 len 3rd of 7 (2) $6.00 53.5 Hahndorf. Exalted Traveller 1400m Morphettville Parks (Bm60) Soft(6) July 31.
Career: 30 3-4-6
Track: 3 1-0-0
Dist: 2 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 1 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 19 2-4-2
Dead: N/a
Slow: 11 1-0-4
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $106,900
Won Between: 1100m to 1708m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 129 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 731 Jul '19Morphettville Park R5BM60 Hcp-15k3.653.52Teagan Voorham1400mSoft6Yes$61:27.18
3 of 1010 Jul '19Morphettville Park R4BM64 Hcp-15k2.756.57Jake Toeroek1300mSoft5Yes$211:19.95
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Moderate start, ridden 3w to settle just off the speed, outside leader at corner, hit front briefly at 200m, soon passed by impressive winner, kept on to just miss 2nd.
7 of 1026 Jun '19Gawler R8BM60 Hcp-15k5.455.510Teagan Voorham1526mSoft5Yes$101:36.92
Stewards Report: Held up in straight.
Video Comments: Taken back from wide gate to last, same corner, ventured deep into stretch, found traffic, made late ground.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
4 of 1129 May '19Balaklava R8BM60 Hcp-15k3.9551W Lau1600mSoft5Yes$8.51:39.24
Stewards Report: Blundered near 800m. Hampered near 400m. Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Fair break, ridden through to handy position on fence, 5 len 5th at corner, brief pick-up, flat from 150m.
7 of 812 May '19Gawler R7BM64 Hcp-15k2.956.51Jake Toeroek1514mSoft6Yes$61:37.71
7 of 725 Apr '19Gawler R7BM64 Hcp-15k956.53Sophie Logan1206mGood4Yes$151:14.57
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
1 of 610 Apr '19Balaklava R4BM64 Hcp-15k1.352.53Mikaela Lawrence1200mGood3Yes$151:12.43
Stewards Report: Raced greenly.
Video Comments: Not best out and stationed at rear 6 len, still clear last at corner, hooked deep, wound up strongly to find the front at 100m, went on to score.
4 of 828 Mar '19Strathalbyn R4BTrial-0k7.5-4Mikaela Lawrence1000mSoft5No$01:02.01
--- 103 DAY SPELL ---
11 of 1215 Dec '18Gawler R6BM64 Hcp-30k10.555.511Sairyn Fawke1700mGood4Yes$211:43.96
Stewards Report: Lame.
Video Comments: Out on terms and crossed to stalk leader, handy to corner but soon under pressure, retreated.
2 of 1005 Dec '18Gawler R2BM60 Hcp-15k2.5574Jake Toeroek1700mGood3Yes$61:42.64
Video Comments: Enjoyed a sit directly behind 2 leaders. Came 3 wide on turn and moved up to challenge. Chased hard but no match for winner.
5 of 925 Nov '18Clare R3BM56 Hcp-12k2.459.51Jake Toeroek1800mSoft5Yes$1.91:55.53
5 of 1606 Nov '18Morphettville R6BM60 Hcp-20k5.15514Ms G Cartwright1800mSoft5Yes$111:50.95
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
Video Comments: Away awkwardly but mustered to settle handy, joined leaders at corner, run ended at 200m, faded.
8 of 1120 Oct '18Morphettville R9BM64 Hcp-30k5.756.52Jake Toeroek1600mGood4Yes$161:36.78
Stewards Report: Hampered early stages.
Video Comments: Out well to stalk pace on fence, switched off rail at corner, presented with run at 300m, lacked pick-up.
1 of 807 Oct '18Gawler R5Cls 2 Hcp-15k0.555.57Jake Toeroek1708mGood4Yes$31:46.60
Stewards Report: Vetted - no abnormalities.
2 of 1326 Sep '18Gawler R7BM60 Hcp4+15k1.5562Jake Toeroek1500mGood3Yes$5.51:30.04
Video Comments: Away well and parked just off the speed on the rail, ran into second at corner as leader kicked, no match but boxed on solidly for second.
4 of 1312 Sep '18Balaklava R9BM56 Hcp-17.5k3.4571Justin Huxtable1400mGood4Yes$101:26.00
Stewards Report: Hampered near 200m.
Video Comments: Even start, settled around midfield on the rail, in trouble at corner and again found traffic near 200m, closed intently.
4 of 1029 Aug '18Gawler R8BM60 Hcp4+15k2.1575Jamie Kah1200mGood4Yes$3.51:11.66
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Even break to settle midfield 2w, ventured deeper to best going at turn, kept on okay but no match.
3 of 808 Aug '18Gawler R7BM64 Hcp4+15k5.6567Justin Huxtable1200mSoft7Yes$9.51:13.74
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Dwelt, crossed underneath them to settle towards rear on inside, stayed inside into stretch, kept on late to grab 3rd.
4 of 419 Jul '18Morphettville R5BTrial30k10.7-4Justin Huxtable1000mSoft7No$01:00.97
--- 92 DAY SPELL ---
9 of 918 Apr '18Sandown-Lakeside R6BM64 Hcp340k18561Liam Riordan1400mGood3No$211:24.91
Stewards Report: Stewards queried run. Vetted - no abnormalities.
4 of 924 Mar '18Morphettville Park R5BM70 Hcp345k5.2521Liam Riordan1250mGood4Yes$311:13.95
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
7. Wonder If (4)
Paul Gatt (54)
Tangerine, Grey Quarters, White Sleeves
Age 5yo   Sex G   Colour ch
Trainer  R & C Jolly (Morphettville)
Breeding  Iffraaj(GB) - Wandane (Danehill(USA))
Owners  R R Jolly, A P Gartner, G S Gifford, D A Hurrell, D J O'Connor, Miss C M Fry, P Stergiopoulos, P W Twartz, D T Whelan, The Golden Greeks Racing (Mgr: S Hrambanis), Clay Hero Racing (Mgr: R W Lanyon)
Slowly away. Became unbalanced. Laid out throughout 2-1/2 len 2nd of 10 (3) $13.00 54.0 Park Bench 1400m Mildura Hcp (58) Good(4) July 27. Eased at start. Overraced middle stages. Eased near 200m 11-1/4 len 10th of 12 (7) $51.00 52.0 Silent Command 1600m Murray Bridge Gh (Bm70) Soft(6) Aug 10.
Career: 11 1-1-0
Track: 3 0-0-0
Dist: 1 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 4 0-1-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 7 1-0-0
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $15,740
Won Between: 1100m to 1100m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 119 DAY SPELL ---
10 of 1210 Aug '19Murray Bridge Gh R4BM70 Hcp-35k11.3527Gary Lo1600mSoft6No$511:39.15
2 of 1027 Jul '19Mildura R7RST58 Hcp-22k2.5543Lucinda Doodt1400mGood4No$131:24.62
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Became unbalanced. Laid out throughout.
--- 38 DAY FRESHEN ---
8 of 1419 Jun '19Balaklava R8BM60 Hcp-15k12.154.59Ms K Bishop1400mSoft5No$261:24.94
Video Comments: Not best away and settled near tail 8 len, same at bend, made minor ground out wide but never likely.
7 of 805 Jun '19Gawler R8BM60 Hcp-15k4.955.55Jake Toeroek1100mSoft5No$6.51:07.58
Stewards Report: Hampered near 200m.
Video Comments: Moderately away and settled 2nd-last on inside 6 len, hard used and took closer order at turn, struck trouble and lost momentum at 200m, battled home.
4 of 1022 May '19Gawler R6BM56 Hcp-15k0.757.55Jake Toeroek1100mSoft5No$7.51:07.52
Stewards Report: Hampered at start. Overraced middle stages.
Video Comments: Hampered early and raced keenly at rear, last on corner, picked up strongly through field to just miss a place.
4 of 609 May '19Balaklava R1BTrial-0k5.8-4Lachlan Neindorf1000mSoft5No$01:01.36
--- 95 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 903 Feb '19Strathalbyn R5BM60 Hcp-17.5k3.5564Jake Toeroek1350mGood4No$6.51:24.72
9 of 919 Jan '19Morphettville R4BM64 Hcp-30k4.5547H Coffey1200mGood4No$511:09.51
Video Comments: Poor start and settled a remote last on rail 9 len, remained inside and tacked on to back of field into stretch with nowhere to go, safely held.
1 of 728 Dec '18Gawler R7BM56 Hcp4+15k0.5557Jake Toeroek1100mSoft5No$211:05.90
5 of 810 Dec '18Morphettville Park R9BTrial-0k6.6-5Todd Pannell1000mGood4No$01:00.68
--- 145 DAY SPELL ---
8 of 1218 Jul '18Balaklava R5Mdn SW2+13k12.757.59P Gatt1400mGood4No$411:25.59
Video Comments: Not best away, settled in back half, similar on turn, asked for effort, no response, ordinary.
8 of 1311 Jul '18Morphettville Park R1Mdn SW2+13k557.510P Gatt1250mSoft6No$311:16.65
Video Comments: Not best out, settled towards the tail on fence, field strung out, edged out rounding corner, balanced up aty 300m, angled back to inside and closed willingly but never a threat in race dominated by first two.
8 of 1120 Jun '18Balaklava R2Mdn SW3+13k6.457.56P Gatt1050mSoft5No$101:01.79
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Overraced early stages. Clipped heels.
Video Comments: Off slowly, stationed midfield between horses, one-paced to line.
4 of 708 Jun '18Gawler R4BTrial30k2.5-4P Gatt1000mSoft7No$01:02.86
8. Prime Suspect (3)
Ms Anna Jordsjo (54)
Gold, Red Stripe, Seams Sleeves, Stripe On Cap
Age 8yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  J R Searle (Bordertown)
Breeding  Not A Single Doubt - Takali (Falbrav(IRE))
Owners  G Belperio, Mrs S D Belperio, J R Searle & Mrs M F Searle
14-1/4 len 9th of 10 (1) $15.00 54.5 Fugitive 1200m Mt Gambier (Bm56) Heavy(10) July 14. Wide early stages 9-3/4 len 6th of 9 (8) $41.00 54.0 Zeze Ulater 1550m Mt Gambier (Bm64) Soft(7) Aug 4.
Career: 56 6-3-10
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 8 1-0-2
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 1 0-1-0
Good: 33 3-1-7
Dead: N/a
Slow: 15 2-0-2
Heavy: 7 1-1-1
Earnings: $102,100
Won Between: 1000m to 1750m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 125 DAY SPELL ---
6 of 904 Aug '19Mt Gambier R6BM64 Hcp-15k9.8548Ms C Puls1550mSoft7Yes$411:41.92
Stewards Report: Wide early stages.
9 of 1014 Jul '19Mt Gambier R6BM56 Hcp-15k14.254.51Ms C Puls1200mHeavy10Yes$151:19.98
7 of 929 Jun '19Casterton R10BM64 Hcp-22k3.5521Alana Kelly1200mSoft7Yes$811:13.80
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
--- 259 DAY SPELL ---
8 of 913 Oct '18Manangatang R4BM52 Hcp-15k7.558.58K Usui1550mGood3Yes$91:34.03
Stewards Report: Pre race incident. Passed fit at barrier. Struck interference on straightening.
10 of 1301 Oct '18Naracoorte R7BM56 Hcp-15k8.55612D Caboche1200mGood4Yes$201:11.13
3 of 609 Sep '18Naracoorte R7BM72 Hcp-12k2.152.56Anna Jordsjo1200mSoft7Yes$131:13.34
--- 46 DAY LET UP ---
13 of 1625 Jul '18Murray Bridge R8BM60 Hcp-15k9537Anna Jordsjo1400mGood4No$611:26.47
Video Comments: Jumped ok but then lost position in the run and worked back to midfield, only battled away up the home straight.
5 of 1201 Jul '18Naracoorte R7BM56 Hcp-12k9.2567Anna Jordsjo1430mHeavy8Yes$7.51:31.37
7 of 1423 Jun '18Donald R6RST58 Hcp-18k5.75810Jacob Rule1200mSoft5No$141:13.04
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
8 of 1226 May '18Warracknabeal R8RST58 Hcp-18k5.9577Melissa Julius1200mGood3Yes$5.51:11.16
Stewards Report: Wide throughout.
--- 116 DAY SPELL ---
10 of 1030 Jan '18Bordertown R8BM60 Hcp-15k11.6571D Caboche1550mSoft5Yes$4.81:36.97
3 of 921 Jan '18Ararat R5BM58 Hcp-18k2.1593D Yendall1600mGood4Yes$3.71:36.53
Stewards Report: Overraced early stages.
4 of 1008 Jan '18Naracoorte R7BM60 Hcp-12k6.157.58Declan Bates1430mGood4Yes$31:27.68
3 of 1027 Dec '17Penola R4BM56 Hcp-15k1.556.56Trent Germaine1400mGood3Yes$51:25.40
5 of 1010 Dec '17Bordertown R3BM56 Hcp-12k5.3571Trent Germaine1300mGood4Yes$4.41:17.94
Stewards Report: Hampered near 200m.
--- 128 DAY SPELL ---
9 of 1104 Aug '17Warracknabeal R10BM58 Hcp-18k7.258.52Anna Jordsjo1600mSoft6Yes$51:38.58
7 of 1226 Jul '17Murray Bridge R7BM64 Hcp-15k3.2553Anna Jordsjo1400mGood4Yes$81:25.29
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
3 of 1202 Jul '17Bordertown R7BM64 Hcp-11k0.6553Anna Jordsjo1300mGood4Yes$2.61:19.39
2 of 1311 Jun '17Hamilton R9BM64 Hcp-20k0.257.512Ms E Finnegan1400mHeavy8Yes$5.51:27.16
1 of 1227 May '17Warracknabeal R8RST58 Hcp-16k2.356.511Melissa Julius1200mSoft5No$6.51:10.98
Stewards Report: Wide early stages.
--- 104 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 1112 Feb '17Naracoorte R5BM64 Hcp-11.2k2.154.54M F Poon1430mSoft5Yes$51:28.21