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Kensington R5
Events By Atc
RAIL: True   CLASS: BM78   AGE: 3+   SEX: No Restriction   PRIZEMONEY: $125,000   DISTANCE: 1550m
No.SilkRunnerBarHcpDSLSCareerWin%Plc%APILast Start2nd Last3rd Last4th Last
J Brock Ryan - T M, W & J Hawkes
261.5725 5-5-420%56%
4 / 9
1400m G
5 / 7
1400m S
1 / 11
1400m H
5 / 9
900m G
J Adam Hyeronimus - T G Waterhouse & A Bott
561.5845 4-1-080%100%
2 / 5
1200m S
3 / 9
1200m H
2 / 9
1050m H
1 / 11
2000m G
3Slow Burn
J Chris Williams - T L J Bridge
4591418 3-1-216.7%33.3%
6 / 8
1400m S
7 / 9
1400m S
1 / 10
1200m H
3 / 7
1045m H
J Tommy Berry - T M, W & J Hawkes
10591320 4-3-120%40%
4 / 9
1400m S
4 / 14
1400m S
1 / 16
1200m S
2 / 7
897m G
J Nash Rawiller - T John Thompson
5581714 3-2-121.4%42.9%
3 / 7
1600m G
2 / 7
1600m S
1 / 15
1600m H
5 / 11
1800m H
J James Mcdonald - T James Cummings
157.51718 3-7-416.7%77.8%
2 / 7
1600m G
1 / 10
1600m S
3 / 7
1300m H
3 / 10
1400m S
7Shock Alert
J Joshua Parr - T Bjorn Baker
8571022 4-3-418.2%50%
2 / 8
1250m G
6 / 9
1300m H
6 / 7
1200m S
1 / 7
800m S
8Flying Pierro
J Glyn Schofield - T C J Waller
6551015 3-1-020%26.7%
2 / 10
1580m G
4 / 10
1550m S
1 / 8
1600m S
8 / 11
1900m S
9Tour Down Under
J Robbie Dolan - T Robert Kingston
353138 2-1-125%50%
4 / 11
1600m S
7 / 14
1400m S
6 / 10
1523m G
5 / 8
1200m G
10All But Gone
J Serg Lisnyy - T D Lane
3532348 7-5-614.6%37.5%
1 / 10
1500m G
11 / 12
1900m S
7 / 13
1800m S
8 / 8
1600m G
DSLS = Days Since Last Start,   API = Average Prizemoney Index
1. Notio (2)
Brock Ryan (61.5)
Navy Blue, Gold Lightning Bolt, Gold And White Armbands, Gold Cap
Age 6yo   Sex G   Colour b/br
Trainer  M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill)
Breeding  Duporth - Delori (Rock Of Gibraltar(IRE))
Owners  R & C Legh Racing Syndicate (Mgr: R P Legh), G P I Racing Syndicate (Mgr: G P Ingham), G Pulitano, S W Kay, Wright Racing Syndicate (Mgr: Pj Wright), R P Wright, T M Johnston, Mrs J E Hawkes, Mrs H T
Failed to handle going. Poor recovery 8-1/4 len 5th of 7 (6) $5.00 54.0 Travimyfriend 1400m Caulfield Open Hcp Soft(7) July 13. Crowded concluding stages 1-3/4 len 4th of 9 (1) $9.00 56.5 Sweet Deal 1400m Rosehill 3yo+ (Bm88) Good(4) Aug 10.
Career: 25 5-5-4
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 3 1-2-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 19 3-4-4
Dead: N/a
Slow: 5 1-1-0
Heavy: 1 1-0-0
Earnings: $269,160
Won Between: 1400m to 1600m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 123 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 910 Aug '19Rosehill R6BM88 Hcp3+125k1.756.51Tommy Berry1400mGood4Yes$91:25.25
Stewards Report: Crowded concluding stages.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
5 of 713 Jul '19Caulfield R5Open Hcp-125k8.2546D Dunn1400mSoft7Yes$51:25.13
Stewards Report: Failed to handle going. Poor recovery.
Video Comments: Got back last. Stayed inside but did nothing.
1 of 1119 Jun '19Sandown-Hillside R8BM78 Hcp-50k0.25811Michael Poy1400mHeavy9Yes$121:28.90
Video Comments: Trapped three wide back in second half. Worked into the race wide from the corner. Ran up to win at 200m but was challenged. Had a battle to the line and finished too well.
5 of 924 May '19Rosehill R5BTrial-0k4.5-5Tommy Berry900mGood4No$00:54.83
3 of 713 May '19Rosehill R12BTrial-0k3.6-3Tommy Berry897mGood4No$00:55.85
--- 100 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 702 Feb '19Caulfield R6BM84 Hcp-125k3.657.51D Dunn1600mGood3Yes$41:37.55
Video Comments: Slowly away and hunted up on the rails to sit three back. Hugged rails on turning for home and worked home well without ever threatening.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
5 of 905 Jan '19Caulfield R6BM84 Hcp-125k257.52D Dunn1600mGood3Yes$41:39.50
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Overraced midfield rails. Stayed hard on fence from the corner. Battled on well enough but never close.
5 of 1026 Dec '18Caulfield R8BM78 Hcp-100k1.858.53Jack Martin1600mGood3Yes$171:36.04
Video Comments: Allowed to settle down 2nd last. Brought to the outside at the turn and worked home nicely to the finish.
7 of 1101 Dec '18Rosehill R9BM88 Hcp3+125k5567C W Brown1500mGood4Yes$71:29.85
Stewards Report: Checked near 1000m. Inquiry into performance. Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Raced 3W with cover worse than midfield. Hooked deepest at the top of the straight. Only battled to the line.
1 of 1017 Nov '18Rosehill R6BM88 Hcp3+125k1.5538C W Brown1500mGood4Yes$6.51:29.40
Video Comments: Slotted in on the fence behind the leaders, eased off heels at the top of the straight, sprinted to the front 200m from home and raced clear. Great ride.
6 of 802 Nov '18Rosehill R5BTrial3+0k5-6Tommy Berry900mGood4No$00:53.93
--- 33 DAY FRESHEN ---
5 of 1130 Sep '18Caulfield R1BM78 Hcp-60k3.7587D Dunn1400mGood4No$121:23.02
Stewards Report: Held up in straight.
Video Comments: Slowly away and settled towards the rear. Tracked into race on back of winner. Had a checkered passage and raced greenly in the run home.
--- 134 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 1619 May '18Flemington R3BM78 Hcp-60k2583Patrick Moloney1600mSoft5No$7.51:36.39
3 of 1328 Apr '18Caulfield R8BM84 Hcp-100k1.8554J Winks1400mGood3No$51:23.49
--- 32 DAY FRESHEN ---
1 of 527 Mar '18Ballarat R4BM70 Hcp-30k0.4602D Dunn1600mSoft5No$2.81:44.22
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
3 of 1110 Mar '18Flemington R3BM84 Hcp-100k5.5546D Dunn1400mGood3No$4.81:22.73
Stewards Report: Hampered at start. Laid out in straight.
2 of 917 Feb '18Flemington R4BM84 Hcp-101k1542D Dunn1600mGood3No$9.51:35.92
Stewards Report: Laid in near 200m.
3 of 727 Jan '18Caulfield R5BM70 Hcp-60k0.6594D Dunn1400mGood4No$4.41:24.14
3 of 1510 Jan '18Sandown-Hillside R8BM70 Hcp-40k2.2595D Dunn1300mGood3No$6.51:16.81
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
--- 133 DAY SPELL ---
1 of 1030 Aug '17Canterbury R5BM74 Hcp3+40k0.4562B Avdulla1550mGood3No$3.41:32.51
Stewards Report: Held up near turn.
2 of 816 Aug '17Canterbury R3BM71 Hcp3+40k3.357.57Tommy Berry1550mGood3No$5.51:32.51
Stewards Report: Inquiry into performance. Overraced middle stages.
3. Slow Burn (4)
Chris Williams (59)
Red, Green Sleeves
Age 6yo   Sex M   Colour BLK
Trainer  L J Bridge (Randwick)
Breeding  Duporth - Hot Flash (Elusive Quality(USA))
Owners  Ms K E Harding, Mrs M S Thornett, A A Macdonald, Ms D A Arnold, Ms L M Holmes, Mrs M Scott & Ms C E Howard
Wide throughout. Vetted - no abnormalities 4-3/4 len 7th of 9 (6) $6.00 59.0 Bangkok 1400m Randwick 3yo+ F&M (Bm78) Soft(6) July 20. 2-3/4 len 6th of 8 (1) $14.00 56.5 The Party Girl 1400m Randwick 3yo+ (Bm78) Soft(7) Aug 3.
Career: 18 3-1-2
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 0 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 11 2-1-1
Dead: N/a
Slow: 7 1-0-1
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $183,130
Won Between: 730m to 1200m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 130 DAY SPELL ---
6 of 803 Aug '19Randwick R9BM78 Hcp3+125k2.756.51Ms M Weir1400mSoft7Yes$141:23.28
Video Comments: Began with them settling in behind the speed. Held up all the way down the straight only seeing some room late.
7 of 920 Jul '19Randwick R4BM78 Hcp3+125k4.8596Chris C Williams1400mSoft6No$61:23.27
Stewards Report: Wide throughout. Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Caught 3WNC midfield. Improved position deep on the track from 600m but couldn't go on in straight after torrid run. Vetted (no abnormalities).
1 of 1012 Jul '19Randwick R1BTrial-0k0.8-1Chris C Williams1200mHeavy8No$01:15.62
3 of 728 Jun '19Randwick R3BTrial-0k0.6-3Chris C Williams1045mHeavy9No$01:07.30
5 of 815 Jun '19Rosehill R3BM94 Hcp3+125k2.9537B Mc Dougall1300mSoft5No$91:18.31
Video Comments: Positioned one out one back. Eased off heels at the top of the straight but only battled to the line.
3 of 531 May '19Randwick R7BTrial-0k2.7-3Chris C Williams1045mGood4No$01:03.92
5 of 720 May '19Hawkesbury R12BTrial-0k6.8-5Chris C Williams800mGood3No$00:46.04
--- 100 DAY SPELL ---
8 of 809 Feb '19Warwick Farm R6Group 2 SW With Penalties4+202k6.6544A Adkins1200mSoft7No$161:12.11
Stewards Report: Inquiry into performance. Poor recovery.
Video Comments: Settled one off the fence a touch worse than midfield. Failed to run on in the straight. Pulled up with a poor recovery.
4 of 824 Jan '19Randwick R4BTrial3+0k3.5-4B Shinn1045mGood4No$01:02.74
1 of 811 Jan '19Randwick R1BTrial3+0k2-1B Shinn1200mSoft6No$01:13.20
--- 34 DAY FRESHEN ---
7 of 1308 Dec '18Rosehill R7BM88 Hcp3+125k3.3567A Hyeronimus1100mGood3No$7.51:02.79
Stewards Report: Wide throughout. Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Travelled 3WNC midfield. Ridden along to get into race on turn. Chased gamely to the line after torrid trip.
7 of 924 Nov '18Rosehill R3BM88 Hcp3+125k1.7585Tim Clark1200mGood3No$8.51:10.89
Stewards Report: Inquiry into performance. Checked middle stages. Held up in straight.
Video Comments: Overraced one off the fence in the second half of the field. Out the back and in traffic straightening. Never really got a clear crack at them. Forget.
4 of 813 Nov '18Canterbury R10BTrial3+0k1.3-4Chris C Williams900mGood4No$00:54.79
7 of 1030 Oct '18Randwick R1BTrial-0k4.9-7Tim Clark850mGood4No$00:50.16
--- 171 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 1212 May '18Scone R7Group 3 Quality-202.1k1.15510Ms W Costin1400mGood4No$91:23.81
Stewards Report: Wide throughout.
6 of 1328 Apr '18Hawkesbury R6Group 3 SW With Penalties3+176.8k2.45611J Innes Jnr1300mGood4No$211:16.00
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Laid in in straight.
8 of 1614 Apr '18Randwick R10Group 2 SW With Penalties3+302k3.154.59M J Walker1200mGood4No$261:09.38
Stewards Report: Checked at start.
7 of 1324 Mar '18Rosehill R9Group 3 Quality3+151k5.4531Tim Clark1200mSoft7No$91:12.24
7 of 1110 Mar '18Randwick R8Group 3 Quality4+151k3.25311Tim Clark1200mGood4No$4.21:08.85
Stewards Report: Inquiry into performance. Wide middle stages. Respiratory issues.
4 of 727 Feb '18Randwick R5BTrial3+0k1.4-4Tim Clark1050mHeavy8No$01:04.10
--- 101 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 1118 Nov '17Rosehill R2BM82 Hcp3+100k0.2584J Innes Jnr1400mGood3No$41:22.61
Stewards Report: Overraced early stages.
5. Commander (5)
Nash Rawiller (58)
White, Red Waratah, Diagonal Halved Sleeves, White Cap, Red Waratah
Age 4yo   Sex G   Colour br/bl
Trainer  John Thompson (Randwick)
Breeding  Pierro - Ephemera (More Than Ready(USA))
Owners  Waratah Thoroughbreds (Mgr: P G Fudge)
Eased early stages. Held up near turn 1-1/4 len 2nd of 7 (3) $2.00F 61.0 Charmed Princess 1600m Grafton Grafton Guineas Soft(5) July 10. 2-3/4 len. lg nk 3rd of 7 (5) $4.40 60.0 Travancore. Watchdog 1600m Warwick Farm 3yo+ (Bm76) Good(4) July 31.
Career: 14 3-2-1
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 0 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 7 0-1-1
Dead: N/a
Slow: 4 2-1-0
Heavy: 3 1-0-0
Earnings: $233,795
Won Between: 1600m to 1600m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 133 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 731 Jul '19Warwick Farm R6BM76 Hcp3+50k3.2605K Mc Evoy1600mGood4No$4.41:36.46
Video Comments: Jumped well but took the sit sitting 6L off speed in behind. Came 3 wide at the corner and although scrubbed along made up steady ground.
2 of 710 Jul '19Grafton R6Open Quality381.8k1.3613Rachel King1600mSoft5No$21:39.98
Stewards Report: Eased early stages. Held up near turn.
1 of 1522 Jun '19Randwick R7BM78 Hcp3+125k1559J P Morris1600mHeavy8No$111:38.43
Video Comments: Came across to sit outside leader. Revved up straightening and took over halfway down the straight. Kept finding to fight off leader late.
5 of 1108 Jun '19Randwick R2BM74 Hcp3125k3.45711B Mc Dougall1800mHeavy8No$151:51.91
Video Comments: Gradually worked across to sit outside leader. Under pressure on home turn. Battled away solidly down the straight but safely held.
9 of 1125 May '19Randwick R5BM78 Hcp3,4125k555.56Rachel King1500mGood4No$611:27.77
Stewards Report: Broke poorly (3L).
Video Comments: Slowly away but mustered speed to settle worse than midfield on the fence. Took a rails run at the top of the straight but couldn't make any impact.
1 of 1003 May '19Wagga R6BM74 Hcp380.3k1.558.51Rachel King1600mSoft7No$161:39.36
Stewards Report: Hampered near 300m.
8 of 917 Apr '19Warwick Farm R7BM78 Hcp3+50k14.7569S Clipperton1600mGood4Yes$261:36.27
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Came across to sit off leader facing the breeze. dropped out from the top of the straight.
8 of 827 Mar '19Warwick Farm R3BM70 Hcp350k9.2584Billy Owen1400mHeavy8Yes$191:24.03
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Overraced early, middle stages. Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Lobbed along out the back. Clear last and under pressure 600m from home. Dropped out.
4 of 514 Mar '19Randwick R1BTrial3+0k4.9-4B Shinn1200mSoft7No$01:15.20
3 of 425 Feb '19Canterbury R16BTrial30k6.3-3J B Mc Donald893mSoft7No$00:54.79
--- 114 DAY SPELL ---
13 of 1403 Nov '18Flemington R1Group 3 SW With Penalties3201.5k5.85614T Angland1600mGood4Yes$911:36.33
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Overraced middle stages.
Video Comments: Went back to last from the wide gate, peeled out deep on the bend but never a threat, safely held.
10 of 1120 Oct '18Caulfield R2LR SW With Penalties3120.5k13.356.57D Yendall1400mSoft5No$511:26.73
Stewards Report: Overraced early, middle stages.
Video Comments: Settled midfield with cover, was close enough on the bend but didn't give a yelp in the straight, very poor.
6 of 928 Sep '18Moonee Valley R1Open SW With Penalties3120k4.4569D Yendall1200mGood4No$161:11.18
Video Comments: Got back long last. Made some ground widest from turn but never close enough.
5 of 710 Sep '18Wyong R8BTrial3+0k6.2-5J R Collett845mSoft6No$00:51.19
8 of 928 Aug '18Randwick R11BTrial3+0k4.7-8J R Collett740mGood4No$00:44.05
--- 87 DAY LET UP ---
1 of 902 Jun '18Sunshine Coast R3LR SW2100k2577D Yendall1600mSoft6No$61:40.67
Video Comments: Bungled start but improved quickly to 2nd 2WWC, relaxed well middle stages, strode clear 200m, bit raw but too classy for rivals.
2 of 1016 May '18Warwick Farm R2Rest Hcp240k0.1561B Spriggs1400mGood4No$121:24.12
6 of 925 Apr '18Randwick R2Mdn SW250k4.2561J R Collett1200mGood3No$511:08.61
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Checked near 200m.
4 of 1009 Apr '18Warwick Farm R14BTrial20k0.9-4J R Collett800mGood4No$00:47.09
6. Watchdog (1)
James Mcdonald (57.5)
Royal Blue
Age 5yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  James Cummings (Agnes Banks)
Breeding  Helmet - Safe (Strategic)
Owners  Godolphin
Hampered near 400m sht nk win of 10 (1) $2.50F 60.5 Kelvinside. High Mist 1600m Warwick Farm 3yo+ (Bm70) Soft(6) July 17. 2-3/4 len 2nd of 7 (2) $3.30F 59.5 Travancore 1600m Warwick Farm 3yo+ (Bm76) Good(4) July 31.
Career: 18 3-7-4
Track: 3 0-0-3
Dist: 0 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 9 1-4-1
Dead: N/a
Slow: 7 2-2-2
Heavy: 1 0-0-1
Earnings: $158,590
Won Between: 1200m to 1600m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 133 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 731 Jul '19Warwick Farm R6BM76 Hcp3+50k2.859.52J Bowman1600mGood4No$3.31:36.46
Video Comments: Began with them and settled back midfield rails. Hard ridden turn but made solid ground getting off leaders heels in the straight, running home fairly.
1 of 1017 Jul '19Warwick Farm R3BM70 Hcp3+50k0.260.51J Bowman1600mSoft6No$2.51:38.50
Stewards Report: Hampered near 400m.
Video Comments: Enjoyed a soft run in the box-seat. Urged along behind leaders on home turn. Eased off heels early in straight and knuckled down well for narrow win.
3 of 726 Jun '19Randwick-Kensingto R3BM70 Hcp3+50k1.760.53Tommy Berry1300mHeavy10Yes$41:18.67
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Balanced up out the back on the fence. Eased away from rail on turn and hooked wide straightening. Worked right to the line.
3 of 1010 Jun '19Randwick-Kensingto R5BM70 Hcp3+60k158.59Jenny Duggan1400mSoft5Yes$51:24.44
Stewards Report: Keen.
Video Comments: Jumped well and settled just off speed one out. Came out at the 600 and was headed off on straightening, although fought back well.
5 of 1129 May '19Warwick Farm R4BM74 Hcp3+50k1.158.54Tim Clark1600mGood3Yes$61:36.68
Stewards Report: Held up near turn.
Video Comments: Camped one off rail behind the speed. Held up behind leaders straightening. Clear 300m from home. Chased hard but safely held late. No excuses.
2 of 1310 May '19Scone R6Cls 2 Hcp-50.6k0.858.52Tim Clark1300mSoft5Yes$6.51:16.96
Video Comments: Jumped well and sat 1 x 1 receiving an easy run. Worked into the clear on straightening, worked to the lead at the 100 only to be run down.
3 of 822 Apr '19Randwick-Kensingto R4BM70 Hcp3+60k1.7602K Mc Evoy1300mGood4Yes$5.51:15.90
Video Comments: Began on terms settling 4th 2WWC, kept trying right to line, honest effort.
5 of 726 Mar '19Rosehill R7BTrial-0k3-5J B Mc Donald895mHeavy8No$00:55.50
--- 129 DAY SPELL ---
8 of 1017 Nov '18Rosehill R6BM88 Hcp3+125k5.5527Rachel King1500mGood4Yes$4.21:29.40
Stewards Report: Bled first time - three month ban.
Video Comments: Sat outside leader, under pressure early in straight and weakened out. Bled first time (three month ban).
2 of 1506 Nov '18Randwick R9BM76 Hcp3+50k256.53Rachel King1600mGood3No$3.61:35.04
Video Comments: Found a lovely position one out one back, presented straightening and let down well, just found one too strong.
3 of 1024 Oct '18Warwick Farm R5BM70 Hcp3+50k2.559.59B Avdulla1400mSoft7No$51:26.24
Video Comments: Pressed forward to sit outside leader after being caught 3W on the speed early, took over on turn, headed straightening but stuck on gamely.
1 of 911 Oct '18Wyong R7BM64 Hcp-35k1.560.57B Avdulla1350mSoft7No$2.41:21.01
2 of 822 Sep '18Kembla Grange R2Cls 1 Hcp-35k0.3601J Penza1200mGood3No$2.21:10.51
3 of 813 Sep '18Randwick R2BTrial3+0k2.1-3T Angland1050mGood4No$01:03.72
6 of 928 Aug '18Randwick R11BTrial3+0k3.2-6T Angland740mGood4No$00:44.05
--- 127 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 1323 Apr '18Echuca R8BM64 Hcp-20k0.159.52D W Stackhouse1200mGood4No$1.61:11.12
Stewards Report: Held up in straight.
7 of 907 Apr '18Bendigo R2BM70 Hcp360k2.9578D Dunn1000mGood4No$3.40:57.69
Stewards Report: Stewards queried run. Vetted - no abnormalities.
1 of 815 Mar '18Racing.Com Park R4Mdn SW327k3.3587B Melham1200mGood4No$1.851:12.10
--- 279 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 709 Jun '17Swan Hill R5Open SW With Penalties2100k0.8574A Mallyon1300mSoft5No$3.61:18.59
Stewards Report: Held up near 400m.
2 of 1025 May '17Racing.Com Park Sy R1Mdn SW225k3.35810A Mallyon1200mSyntheticNo$9.51:12.27
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
5 of 908 May '17Cranbourne Trainin R8BTrial20k0-5B Melham800mHeavy10No$00:47.84
8. Flying Pierro (6)
Glyn Schofield (55)
Age 4yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  C J Waller (Rosehill)
Breeding  Pierro - We Betcha (Encosta De Lago)
Owners  Ingham Racing (Mgrs: Ms L J Ingham, J A Ingham, R C Ingham & Mrs D N Kepitis)
Slowly away 2-3/4 len 4th of 10 (6) $15.00 59.0 Knowitall Jack 1550m Canterbury 3yo+ E&G (Bm70) Soft(5) July 24. 1/2 hd 2nd of 10 (2) $3.20 58.0 Stryke Rock 1580m Canterbury 3yo+ E&G (Bm72) Good(4) Aug 7.
Career: 15 3-1-0
Track: 2 0-0-0
Dist: 3 0-1-0
Track/Dist: 1 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 8 2-1-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 6 1-0-0
Heavy: 1 0-0-0
Earnings: $98,055
Won Between: 1500m to 1600m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 126 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 1007 Aug '19Canterbury R7BM72 Hcp3+50k0.1582J Bowman1580mGood4Yes$3.21:35.33
Video Comments: Began with them and settled midfield one off. Worked up 4 wide at the corner and drove to the lead 100 out, only to be grabbed at the line.
4 of 1024 Jul '19Canterbury R7BM70 Hcp3+50k2.8596C Lever1550mSoft5Yes$151:33.19
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Slowly away. Settled midfield two wide. Worked to middle from the corner. Kept coming but never close enough.
1 of 809 Jul '19Newcastle R6BM64 Hcp-35k2606C Lever1600mSoft5No$61:37.41
8 of 1119 Jun '19Canterbury R3BM70 Hcp350k2.357.51G Schofield1900mSoft7Yes$131:59.62
Stewards Report: Eased near 100m.
Video Comments: Positioned a touch worse than midfield on the fence. Shouldered clear out wide at the top of the straight. Made up some ground without threatening.
6 of 1110 Jun '19Randwick-Kensingto R6BM70 Hcp3+60k1.5587G Schofield1550mSoft5No$191:33.40
Stewards Report: Shifted in early stages.
Video Comments: Dropped back early and settled down toward the tail one out. Tracked up swoopers at the turn and ran on solidly out deepest on the track.
5 of 1129 May '19Warwick Farm R5BM68 Hcp350k5.25911J R Collett1600mGood3Yes$261:36.95
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Eased out the back from the outside gate. Hooked deepest at the top of the straight. Worked right to the line in on-pace dominated event.
1 of 914 May '19Kembla Grange R6BM64 Hcp-35k0.2597G Schofield1600mGood3Yes$6.51:37.45
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Wide early stages.
5 of 827 Apr '19Newcastle R7BM64 Hcp-35k2.158.52L Magorrian1400mGood4Yes$6.51:25.17
Stewards Report: Held up on straightening.
6 of 608 Apr '19Rosehill R13BTrial30k8.4-6K Mc Evoy900mSoft5No$00:54.36
5 of 626 Mar '19Rosehill R8BTrial30k2.4-5Tommy Berry895mHeavy8No$00:54.70
--- 82 DAY LET UP ---
1 of 1103 Jan '19Kembla Grange R7Mdn SW-35k0.457.54G Schofield1500mGood3No$7.51:30.58
Stewards Report: Shifted in near 100m. Rider dropped rein.
5 of 921 Dec '18Randwick-Kensingto R3Mdn SW350k3.6578J R Collett1400mSoft5Yes$131:23.50
Stewards Report: Hampered near 200m.
Video Comments: Fair break to settle handy 2w, well placed at corner, brief sprint and peaked inside 200m, even finish.
6 of 1005 Dec '18Warwick Farm R3Mdn Hcp350k2.4567G Schofield1400mGood4No$91:25.13
Stewards Report: Hampered at start. Checked early stages.
Video Comments: Settled out the back on the fence. Would up on turn. Kept grinding away back towards inside in straight.
5 of 828 Nov '18Warwick Farm R1Mdn SW350k7.4563J Bowman1400mHeavy8Yes$3.21:28.81
Stewards Report: Held up in straight.
Video Comments: Enjoyed a soft run in the box-seat. Dragged back through the field behind tiring leaders. Finally clear 175m from home but race was over. Forget run.
4 of 906 Nov '18Randwick R2Mdn Hcp350k2.257.59R Hutchings1400mGood4Yes$151:22.22
Video Comments: Worked across to sit outside leader, lost touch with leader straightening, no match but kept trying and wasn't beaten far.
3 of 619 Oct '18Warwick Farm R13BTrial3+0k2.5-3S R Weatherley740mSyntheticNo$00:43.61
--- 114 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 827 Jun '18Canterbury R3Open Hcp240k8.456.54Tim Clark1100mSoft6Yes$181:05.34
Stewards Report: Hampered early stages.
Video Comments: Positioned one off the fence midfield, peeled three wide on straightening, only battled to the line.
3 of 808 Jun '18Rosehill R7BTrial20k1.4-3J B Mc Donald900mSoft7No$00:55.38
--- 92 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 908 Mar '18Rosehill R11BTrial20k6.3-5J Parr900mSoft5No$00:54.10
--- 96 DAY SPELL ---
6 of 702 Dec '17Rosehill R1Open SW With Penalties2100k1.8562T Angland1100mGood3No$171:05.31
Stewards Report: Held up concluding stages.
3 of 824 Nov '17Rosehill R7BTrial20k0.5-3T Angland901mGood4No$00:54.40
9. Tour Down Under (3)
Robbie Dolan (53)
Red And White Halves, Black Cross, White Sleeves And Cap
Age 5yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  Robert Kingston (Mornington)
Breeding  Americain(USA) - On Tour (Stratum)
Owners  R E Kingston, G Young, C Twigg, T Frain, P McDermott, G Hall, K & Mrs T Pitcher, B Sporle, B Jamison, J Archibald, P, Dearaugo, Mrs L Anderson-Brown, C Dohl, Ms D Hewatt, G Stephenson, M & Mrs M Bail
Laid in near 200m 3-1/2 len 7th of 14 (10) $31.00 51.0 Special Diva 1400m Caulfield (Bm78) Soft(7) July 13. Held up near 400m 3-1/2 len 4th of 11 (2) $10.00 57.5 Helmaz 1600m Sandown-Lakeside (Bm64) Soft(6) Aug 4.
Career: 8 2-1-1
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 2 0-0-1
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 6 2-1-1
Dead: N/a
Slow: 2 0-0-0
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $39,820
Won Between: 1462m to 1500m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 129 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 1104 Aug '19Sandown-Lakeside R8BM64 Hcp-50k3.657.52Jessica Eaton1600mSoft6No$101:40.47
Stewards Report: Held up near 400m.
Video Comments: Jumped with them tucking in behind the speed. Held up inside rounding the corner and got clear 200 out to run home OK.
7 of 1413 Jul '19Caulfield R3BM78 Hcp-75k3.45110Jessica Eaton1400mSoft7No$311:24.25
Stewards Report: Laid in near 200m.
Video Comments: Sat midfield two wide. In traffic and well back from the corner. Made some ground last 200m.
--- 155 DAY SPELL ---
6 of 1008 Feb '19Moonee Valley R8BM64 Hcp-50k5.2584Jessica Eaton1523mGood4No$3.81:32.91
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Laid in in straight. Respiratory issues.
Video Comments: Missed start settling 3rd last fence, steadied off heels 600m, shuffled back to last, angled into clear straightening, only plugged home.
--- 34 DAY FRESHEN ---
5 of 805 Jan '19Caulfield R3BM70 Hcp3,4135k2558Jessica Eaton1200mGood4No$211:10.65
Video Comments: Sat outside leader. Took over straightening but under riding. Started to tire last 200m and was overran.
--- 47 DAY LET UP ---
1 of 519 Nov '18Mornington R6Cls 1 Hcp-20k0.457.55Jessica Eaton1500mGood3No$1.81:30.95
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
1 of 1012 Nov '18Kilmore R4Mdn SW3+23k1.856.51Jessica Eaton1462mGood4No$3.21:30.11
3 of 1002 Nov '18Moonee Valley R1Mdn SW4+30k1.258.58D Dunn1533mGood4No$9.51:33.87
Stewards Report: Struck interference at start. Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Began on terms, strode forward to sit outside leader, under pressure turn, kept trying right to line, honest effort.
2 of 814 Oct '18Cranbourne R3Mdn SW3+26k0.156.53Jessica Eaton1200mGood3No$71:12.33
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Laid in in straight.
2 of 617 Sep '18Cranbourne Trainin R17BTrial3+0k0.4-2Jessica Eaton800mGood4No$00:48.19