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Canterbury R3
Kermadec @ Darley
RAIL: True   CLASS: BM72   AGE: 3+   SEX: No Restriction   PRIZEMONEY: $50,000   DISTANCE: 1550m
No.SilkRunnerBarHcpDSLSCareerWin%Plc%APILast Start2nd Last3rd Last4th Last
J Jean Van Overmeire - T Clare Cunningham
162.52129 5-5-617.2%55.2%
1 / 7
1600m G
3 / 11
1600m S
3 / 10
1500m H
1 / 9
1550m S
J Kerrin Mcevoy - T R & M Freedman
560.565023 4-3-417.4%47.8%
3 / 4
1250m G
6 / 9
1200m H
8 / 9
900m S
5 / 6
2100m G
3Stryke Rock
J Glyn Schofield - T C J Waller
859.51424 4-2-216.7%33.3%
1 / 10
1580m G
2 / 5
1200m G
10 / 10
1400m S
6 / 6
740m S
4Flying Pierro
J Hugh Bowman - T C J Waller
759416 3-1-118.8%31.3%
3 / 6
1550m G
2 / 10
1580m G
4 / 10
1550m S
1 / 8
1600m S
5Judge Judi
J Nash Rawiller - T Ms K Waugh
4591816 4-6-125%68.8%
5 / 8
1400m S
3 / 9
1400m S
1 / 7
1250m S
3 / 6
900m S
J Brock Ryan - T Ms T Bateup
3581415 4-2-226.7%53.3%
1 / 7
1580m G
3 / 9
1550m S
4 / 11
1500m H
3 / 9
1400m H
7The Bald Eagle
J Brenton Avdulla - T M, W & J Hawkes
656.5713 2-3-115.4%46.2%
10 / 11
1600m G
1 / 7
1500m G
6 / 9
1400m G
1 / 9
1240m H
J Sam Clipperton - T J & G Lee
9553537 3-4-88.1%40.5%
2 / 10
1600m S
5 / 10
1200m S
3 / 8
1900m G
6 / 10
1800m G
9Dream Habit
J Ms Jess Taylor - T G L Andrews
2531371 7-5-49.9%22.5%
8 / 12
1450m G
7 / 12
1500m S
7 / 8
1450m S
2 / 9
1600m G
DSLS = Days Since Last Start,   API = Average Prizemoney Index
2. Zaunkonig (5)
Kerrin Mcevoy (60.5)
White And Maroon Halves, Black Band And Sleeves, Maroon Cap
Age 7yo   Sex G   Colour b/br
Trainer  R & M Freedman (Rosehill)
Breeding  Northern Meteor - Zaiyda(NZ) (Zabeel(NZ))
Owners  Miss C V Thomas, B Hussary, R Ognenovski, L Morgan, J Cruz, J Robles, P Telfer, M D Killoran, T McLean, P Craft, A De Guzman, P R A Falk, A J Falk, B J French, L G Kelly & D Matheson
8-1/4 len 6th of 12 (3) $9.00 58.0 Karavali 2000m Randwick 3yo+ (Bm80) Soft(6) Oct 28 (2017). Inquiry into performance. Lacerations 5 len 5th of 6 (4) $2.50 61.0 Concessions 2100m Hawkesbury Hcp (C4) Good(4) Nov 9 (2017).
Career: 23 4-3-4
Track: 2 1-1-0
Dist: 1 1-0-0
Track/Dist: 1 1-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 9 2-1-1
Dead: N/a
Slow: 12 2-1-3
Heavy: 2 0-1-0
Earnings: $168,460
Won Between: 1350m to 1550m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 159 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 412 Aug '19Hawkesbury R1BTrial-0k5.8-3Rachel Hunt1250mGood4No$01:17.51
6 of 930 Jul '19Randwick R3BTrial3+0k9.7-6B Avdulla1200mHeavy8No$01:14.68
8 of 919 Jul '19Rosehill R5BTrial-0k4.3-8J Bowman900mSoft5No$00:54.78
--- 617 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 609 Nov '17Hawkesbury R2Cls 4 Hcp3+40k5614T Angland2100mGood4No$2.52:09.40
Stewards Report: Inquiry into performance. Lacerations.
6 of 1228 Oct '17Randwick R7BM80 Hcp3+100k8.1583Josh Adams2000mSoft6No$92:03.80
2 of 904 Oct '17Canterbury R6BM76 Hcp3+40k0.159.56T Angland1900mGood3No$3.51:57.71
Stewards Report: Checked near 800m.
3 of 823 Sep '17Rosehill R4BM82 Hcp3+100k1.156.55T Angland2000mGood4No$262:03.75
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
5 of 1109 Sep '17Rosehill R3BM81 Hcp3+100k3.157.59T Angland1800mGood3Yes$511:48.18
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
9 of 1024 Aug '17Hawkesbury R7LR Hcp3+151k8548A Layt1600mGood3Yes$511:35.31
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Overraced early stages.
6 of 805 Aug '17Randwick R3BM81 Hcp3+100k3.857.57K Mc Evoy1400mSoft6No$121:25.29
10 of 1315 Jul '17Rosehill R9BM78 Hcp3+100k6.857.54Nick Heywood1500mGood4No$151:29.86
5 of 904 Jul '17Rosehill R1BTrial-0k5.3-5Nick Heywood1030mSoft6No$01:03.40
7 of 723 Jun '17Randwick R2BTrial-0k5.9-7J Bowman1050mHeavy9No$01:03.50
--- 118 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 625 Feb '17Randwick R1BM85 Hcp3+100k4.1551T Angland2000mSoft7No$62:09.63
Stewards Report: Overraced early, middle stages.
5 of 815 Feb '17Randwick R6BM78 Hcp3+40k5.8553Nick Heywood1600mSoft7No$4.41:39.21
4 of 1304 Feb '17Randwick R8BM78 Hcp3+100k0.457.512J Bowman1600mGood4No$91:37.93
1 of 720 Jan '17Canterbury R4BM72 Hcp3+40k1.3612B Shinn1550mSoft5No$3.21:34.58
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
2 of 1007 Jan '17Warwick Farm R9BM77 Hcp3+100k1.35710B Shinn1400mSoft6No$61:24.65
Stewards Report: Wide throughout.
3 of 1017 Dec '16Randwick R9BM78 Hcp3+100k4.257.52Tim Clark1400mSoft7No$6.51:24.93
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Injured.
1 of 903 Dec '16Beaumont R7BM70 Hcp-30k0.259.56Travis Wolfgram1350mGood4No$4.21:20.97
5 of 815 Nov '16Randwick R3BTrial4+0k5.5-5Nick Heywood1045mGood4No$01:02.20
3. Stryke Rock (8)
Glyn Schofield (59.5)
Age 5yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  C J Waller (Warwick Farm)
Breeding  Stryker - Ingham Magic (Magic Albert)
Owners  Ingham Racing (Mgrs: Ms L J Ingham, J A Ingham, R C Ingham & Mrs D N Kepitis)
Slowly away. Poor recovery 11-1/2 len last of 10 (6) $31.00 57.5 Think Free 1400m Warwick Farm 3yo+ (Bm72) Soft(5) July 17. 1/2 hd win of 10 (7) $41.00 57.5 Flying Pierro. Aristograts 1580m Canterbury 3yo+ E&G (Bm72) Good(4) Aug 7.
Career: 24 4-2-2
Track: 3 1-0-0
Dist: 1 1-0-0
Track/Dist: 1 1-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 17 3-2-1
Dead: N/a
Slow: 5 1-0-1
Heavy: 2 0-0-0
Earnings: $130,185
Won Between: 799m to 1600m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 164 DAY SPELL ---
1 of 1007 Aug '19Canterbury R7BM72 Hcp3+50k0.157.57G Schofield1580mGood4Yes$411:35.33
Video Comments: Began fairly and allowed to find feet back in the field. Held up behind runners at the turn and only saw daylight late to get over the top of them.
2 of 526 Jul '19Warwick Farm R2BTrial3+0k2.3-2J Bowman1200mGood4No$01:13.96
10 of 1017 Jul '19Warwick Farm R6BM72 Hcp3+50k11.557.56Tommy Berry1400mSoft5Yes$311:23.14
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Poor recovery.
Video Comments: Missed start settling 2nd last fence, niggled along turn, laboured in straight, eased down final 100m, finished tailed off, pulled up in ordinary shape.
6 of 608 Jul '19Warwick Farm R2BTrial-0k10.8-6J Ford740mSyntheticNo$00:44.02
--- 110 DAY SPELL ---
9 of 920 Mar '19Hawkesbury R7BM70 Hcp3+50k39.658.56G Schofield1600mHeavy9Yes$181:37.38
Stewards Report: Shifted in early stages. Too wet. Ordered to trial.
Video Comments: Allowed to find its feet early and settled midfield one out. Under pressure at the 500 and struggled in the lane.
1 of 1305 Mar '19Kembla Grange R7BM64 Hcp-35k0.359.58G Schofield1600mSoft5Yes$171:37.29
3 of 921 Feb '19Hawkesbury R8BM64 Hcp-35k1.559.52G Schofield1400mGood4Yes$81:23.44
4 of 709 Feb '19Kembla Grange R6BM64 Hcp-35k1.359.53Y Ichikawa1500mSoft5Yes$3.51:31.50
Stewards Report: Hampered near post.
1 of 1126 Jan '19Beaumont R7Cls 1 Hcp-35k0.257.59L Magorrian1350mGood4Yes$61:20.08
5 of 1216 Jan '19Warwick Farm R6BM70 Hcp4+50k3.8551J B Mc Donald1400mGood3No$61:22.58
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Held up near turn.
Video Comments: Slowly out and settled 3 back fence. Came one wide at the turn and held up until the 200. Worked home well over the last furlong.
8 of 1026 Dec '18Randwick R6BM70 Hcp3+60k9.7556T Marquand1600mGood4Yes$181:35.19
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Lame.
Video Comments: Slowly away and ended up getting a nice trip midfield one out. Came under a heavy ride by the 200 and failed to respond.
4 of 815 Dec '18Kembla Grange R6Cls 1 Hcp-35k11.158.58L Magorrian1400mHeavy8No$6.51:23.36
7 of 930 Nov '18Canterbury R4BM70 Hcp3+50k3.1569J B Mc Donald1250mSoft5No$171:14.08
Stewards Report: Shifted in early stages.
Video Comments: Drifted back early to sit one out. Hooked to the extreme outside on turning for home and got home only fairly.
4 of 1019 Nov '18Rosehill R1BTrial3+0k2-4K Mc Evoy1030mGood4No$01:02.41
--- 106 DAY SPELL ---
9 of 1005 Aug '18Sandown-Lakeside R3BM64 Hcp-40k458.58M J Walker1400mGood4Yes$61:26.26
Stewards Report: Failed to handle going. Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Drifted back last rails. Got widest straightening. Just battled last 200m.
2 of 1218 Jul '18Sandown-Lakeside R5BM64 Hcp340k1.358.52M J Walker1400mGood4Yes$181:26.66
Video Comments: Settled midfield with cover, eased over heels on straightening and ran on determinedly but winner was too good, nice effort.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
3 of 1120 Jun '18Echuca R5BM64 Hcp325k1.258.52L Nolen1400mSoft7Yes$111:25.91
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Held up in straight.
Video Comments: Settled midfield on the rails, needed clear air on the turn, got out at the 250 and ran on strongly but nailed for second right on the line.
11 of 1413 Jun '18Sandown-Hillside R8BM70 Hcp-40k6.155.53M J Walker1400mGood4Yes$71:24.93
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Settled midfield and found some trouble getting a clear run in the straight, entitled to another chance.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
5 of 1216 May '18Warwick Farm R4BM70 Hcp340k2.358.510J B Mc Donald1600mGood4No$121:37.80
Stewards Report: Checked early stages.
1 of 725 Apr '18Randwick R1Mdn SW350k1.5571T Angland1400mGood3Yes$5.51:22.20
2 of 702 Apr '18Rosehill R2Mdn SW350k0.2561K Mc Evoy1200mGood4Yes$81:11.49
Stewards Report: Hampered near 200m. Tightened for room.
4. Flying Pierro (7)
Hugh Bowman (59)
Black, Cerise Cap
Age 4yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  C J Waller (Rosehill)
Breeding  Pierro - We Betcha (Encosta De Lago)
Owners  Ingham Racing (Mgrs: Ms L J Ingham, J A Ingham, R C Ingham & Mrs D N Kepitis)
1/2 hd 2nd of 10 (2) $3.20 58.0 Stryke Rock 1580m Canterbury 3yo+ E&G (Bm72) Good(4) Aug 7. Slowly away. Shifted in at start 3/4 len. sht hd 3rd of 6 (6) $7.50 55.0 Commander. Tour Down Under 1550m Randwick-Kensington 3yo+ (Bm78) Good(3) Aug 17.
Career: 16 3-1-1
Track: 4 0-1-0
Dist: 4 0-1-1
Track/Dist: 2 0-1-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 9 2-1-1
Dead: N/a
Slow: 6 1-0-0
Heavy: 1 0-0-0
Earnings: $110,055
Won Between: 1500m to 1600m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 154 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 617 Aug '19Randwick-Kensingto R5BM78 Hcp3+125k0.9556G Schofield1550mGood3Yes$7.51:32.12
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Shifted in at start.
2 of 1007 Aug '19Canterbury R7BM72 Hcp3+50k0.1582J Bowman1580mGood4Yes$3.21:35.33
Video Comments: Began with them and settled midfield one off. Worked up 4 wide at the corner and drove to the lead 100 out, only to be grabbed at the line.
4 of 1024 Jul '19Canterbury R7BM70 Hcp3+50k2.8596C Lever1550mSoft5Yes$151:33.19
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Slowly away. Settled midfield two wide. Worked to middle from the corner. Kept coming but never close enough.
1 of 809 Jul '19Newcastle R6BM64 Hcp-35k2606C Lever1600mSoft5No$61:37.41
8 of 1119 Jun '19Canterbury R3BM70 Hcp350k2.357.51G Schofield1900mSoft7Yes$131:59.62
Stewards Report: Eased near 100m.
Video Comments: Positioned a touch worse than midfield on the fence. Shouldered clear out wide at the top of the straight. Made up some ground without threatening.
6 of 1110 Jun '19Randwick-Kensingto R6BM70 Hcp3+60k1.5587G Schofield1550mSoft5No$191:33.40
Stewards Report: Shifted in early stages.
Video Comments: Dropped back early and settled down toward the tail one out. Tracked up swoopers at the turn and ran on solidly out deepest on the track.
5 of 1129 May '19Warwick Farm R5BM68 Hcp350k5.25911J R Collett1600mGood3Yes$261:36.95
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Eased out the back from the outside gate. Hooked deepest at the top of the straight. Worked right to the line in on-pace dominated event.
1 of 914 May '19Kembla Grange R6BM64 Hcp-35k0.2597G Schofield1600mGood3Yes$6.51:37.45
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Wide early stages.
5 of 827 Apr '19Newcastle R7BM64 Hcp-35k2.158.52L Magorrian1400mGood4Yes$6.51:25.17
Stewards Report: Held up on straightening.
6 of 608 Apr '19Rosehill R13BTrial30k8.4-6K Mc Evoy900mSoft5No$00:54.36
5 of 626 Mar '19Rosehill R8BTrial30k2.4-5Tommy Berry895mHeavy8No$00:54.70
--- 82 DAY LET UP ---
1 of 1103 Jan '19Kembla Grange R7Mdn SW-35k0.457.54G Schofield1500mGood3No$7.51:30.58
Stewards Report: Shifted in near 100m. Rider dropped rein.
5 of 921 Dec '18Randwick-Kensingto R3Mdn SW350k3.6578J R Collett1400mSoft5Yes$131:23.50
Stewards Report: Hampered near 200m.
Video Comments: Fair break to settle handy 2w, well placed at corner, brief sprint and peaked inside 200m, even finish.
6 of 1005 Dec '18Warwick Farm R3Mdn Hcp350k2.4567G Schofield1400mGood4No$91:25.13
Stewards Report: Hampered at start. Checked early stages.
Video Comments: Settled out the back on the fence. Would up on turn. Kept grinding away back towards inside in straight.
5 of 828 Nov '18Warwick Farm R1Mdn SW350k7.4563J Bowman1400mHeavy8Yes$3.21:28.81
Stewards Report: Held up in straight.
Video Comments: Enjoyed a soft run in the box-seat. Dragged back through the field behind tiring leaders. Finally clear 175m from home but race was over. Forget run.
4 of 906 Nov '18Randwick R2Mdn Hcp350k2.257.59R Hutchings1400mGood4Yes$151:22.22
Video Comments: Worked across to sit outside leader, lost touch with leader straightening, no match but kept trying and wasn't beaten far.
3 of 619 Oct '18Warwick Farm R13BTrial3+0k2.5-3S R Weatherley740mSyntheticNo$00:43.61
--- 114 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 827 Jun '18Canterbury R3Open Hcp240k8.456.54Tim Clark1100mSoft6Yes$181:05.34
Stewards Report: Hampered early stages.
Video Comments: Positioned one off the fence midfield, peeled three wide on straightening, only battled to the line.
3 of 808 Jun '18Rosehill R7BTrial20k1.4-3J B Mc Donald900mSoft7No$00:55.38
--- 92 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 908 Mar '18Rosehill R11BTrial20k6.3-5J Parr900mSoft5No$00:54.10
--- 96 DAY SPELL ---
6 of 702 Dec '17Rosehill R1Open SW With Penalties2100k1.8562T Angland1100mGood3No$171:05.31
Stewards Report: Held up concluding stages.
5. Judge Judi (4)
Nash Rawiller (59)
Pink, Lilac Stars And Sleeves
Age 5yo   Sex M   Colour b/br
Trainer  Ms K Waugh (Wyong)
Breeding  Star Witness - Commanding Girl (Fastnet Rock)
Owners  G Maroun, J Faulkner, V Collings, S P Chiappalone, R A Cusumano, S C Fragulis, Ms S C Carnes, J Maltese & Mrs H Williams
Len. 3/4 len 3rd of 9 (9) $6.50 57.0 Bangkok. The Party Girl 1400m Randwick 3yo+ F&M (Bm78) Soft(6) July 20. 1-3/4 len 5th of 8 (3) $6.50 55.0 The Party Girl 1400m Randwick 3yo+ (Bm78) Soft(7) Aug 3.
Career: 16 4-6-1
Track: 3 1-2-0
Dist: 2 0-2-0
Track/Dist: 2 0-2-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 12 3-5-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 4 1-1-1
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $128,140
Won Between: 800m to 1600m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 168 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 803 Aug '19Randwick R9BM78 Hcp3+125k1.9553B Avdulla1400mSoft7No$6.51:23.28
Video Comments: Jumped with them and settled 1 x 2. Came wide at the turn and ran on steadily down to the finishing post.
3 of 920 Jul '19Randwick R4BM78 Hcp3+125k1.8579B Avdulla1400mSoft6No$6.51:23.27
Video Comments: Came across to sit off leader. Urged along turning for home. Hit narrow lead soon after. Fought hard but found a couple of backmarkers too strong late.
1 of 703 Jul '19Canterbury R5BM70 Hcp3+50k0.2584B Shinn1250mSoft6No$71:14.69
Video Comments: Jumped well and eased in behind the hot speed. Although gave away a start in the straight ran home nicely and proved too strong at the line.
3 of 614 Jun '19Newcastle R5BTrial-0k0.9-3S Lisnyy900mSoft5No$00:55.14
--- 100 DAY SPELL ---
10 of 1206 Mar '19Randwick-Kensingto R8BM70 Hcp3+50k8.2591J R Collett1800mGood4No$71:49.19
Stewards Report: Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Began well to BS 3rd fence, niggled along turn, laboured in straight, eased down final 50m when well beaten.
2 of 615 Feb '19Canterbury R1BM70 Hcp3+50k0.3583Billy Owen1550mGood3No$2.61:33.40
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
Video Comments: Tardy start but mustered through to lead, len 2nd at turn, regained lead and kicked strongly from 200m, edged out late by driving swooper.
2 of 801 Feb '19Canterbury R3BM70 Hcp3+50k0.358.52J R Collett1550mSoft5No$2.71:34.13
Stewards Report: Lost a plate.
Video Comments: Jumped well and led them easily. Kicked for home at the 200 and was very game to the post, only to be nabbed right on the line.
1 of 717 Jan '19Gosford R1Cls 2 Hcp-35k1.357.55J R Collett1600mGood4No$2.151:38.20
Video Comments: Began well, cruised across to lead fence, travelled sweetly, laid out cornering but kept going strongly to line, was never seriously challenged.
2 of 903 Jan '19Kembla Grange R3Cls 2 Hcp-35k0.256.52J R Collett1400mGood3No$101:23.35
Stewards Report: Blundered at start.
1 of 618 Dec '18Gosford R3BTrial3+0k0.8-1S Lisnyy1000mGood4No$01:00.07
2 of 803 Dec '18Wyong R1BTrial3+0k0.5-2Tommy Berry1000mSoft5No$00:59.03
--- 191 DAY SPELL ---
11 of 1126 May '18Gosford R7BM65 Hcp-30k11.9581C Lever1200mGood4No$4.41:11.76
Stewards Report: Cardiac arrhythmia.
5 of 1511 May '18Scone R6Cls 2 Hcp-40.6k3.3543G M Ryan1300mGood4No$131:17.98
1 of 1404 May '18Muswellbrook R8BM55 Hcp-20k0.2619G M Ryan1280mGood3No$2.61:16.29
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
2 of 822 Apr '18Goulburn R4Cls 1 Hcp-20k0.2572Jean Van Overmeire1100mGood4No$2.71:05.66
1 of 810 Apr '18Gosford R15BTrial-0k0.8-1R Hutchings800mGood4No$00:50.54
--- 130 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 1001 Dec '17Mudgee R3Cls 1 Hcp-30k5.2572G M Ryan1400mGood3No$2.451:22.76
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Shifted out near 100m.
2 of 820 Nov '17Wellington R1Cls 1 Hcp-20k0.5573G M Ryan1100mGood4No$2.151:04.33
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Hung out near turn. Vetted - no abnormalities.
1 of 410 Nov '17Bathurst R1Mdn SW-20k0.456.52G M Ryan1100mGood3No$1.71:03.36
Stewards Report: Hung out near 800m.
2 of 1122 Oct '17Nowra R2Mdn SW-20k0.254.51Ms W Costin1100mGood4No$3.21:03.31
1 of 709 Oct '17Warwick Farm R11BTrial30k0.2-1Jean Van Overmeire804mGood4No$00:47.80
6. Monegal (3)
Brock Ryan (58)
Red, Black Maltese Cross, White Sleeves
Age 4yo   Sex M   Colour ch
Trainer  Ms T Bateup (Kembla Grange)
Breeding  Lope De Vega(IRE) - Sublissime(IRE) (Rock Of Gibraltar(IRE))
Owners  M & R Services Pty Ltd (Mgr: M Mant), W A Wilkins, Mrs C A Wilkins, Miss T M Bateup, S F Neville, E S Spooner & T M R Breeding & Racing Pty Ltd (Mgr: T R Martin)
1/2 len. sht 1/2 hd 3rd of 9 (3) $7.00 53.5 Light Exceed. Moana Jewel 1550m Canterbury 3yo+ F&M (Bm74) Soft(5) July 24. Nk win of 7 (1) $5.50 55.0 Positive Peace. Seles 1580m Canterbury 3yo+ F&M (Bm72) Good(4) Aug 7.
Career: 15 4-2-2
Track: 2 1-0-1
Dist: 2 1-0-1
Track/Dist: 2 1-0-1
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 6 3-1-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 5 1-1-1
Heavy: 4 0-0-1
Earnings: $108,995
Won Between: 1208m to 1600m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 164 DAY SPELL ---
1 of 707 Aug '19Canterbury R4BM72 Hcp3+50k0.3551Brock Ryan1580mGood4Yes$5.51:35.11
Video Comments: Began well settling down in behind the leaders. Peeled off heels at the 200 and proved just a little too strong for them to the line.
3 of 924 Jul '19Canterbury R3BM74 Hcp3+50k0.653.53Brock Ryan1550mSoft5No$71:33.74
Video Comments: Positioned one out one back. Urged along 3W on home turn. Chased right to the line for minor placing.
4 of 1113 Jul '19Rosehill R2BM74 Hcp3125k3.351.54Jenny Duggan1500mHeavy8Yes$191:32.88
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
Video Comments: Positioned one off the fence worse than midfield. Revved up on turn. Hooked deepest straightening and worked home well.
3 of 929 Jun '19Rosehill R3BM74 Hcp3125k0.9515Jenny Duggan1400mHeavy9Yes$191:27.63
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Hampered early stages.
Video Comments: Positioned midfield on the fence. Saved ground on fence turning for home. Chased hard back towards the inside.
1 of 1009 Jun '19Sapphire Coast R7Cls 2 Hcp-22k0.558.55Ms K Nisbet1208mGood4Yes$4.61:09.80
Stewards Report: Laid in near 200m.
--- 93 DAY SPELL ---
1 of 1108 Mar '19Sapphire Coast R7Cls 1 SW-22k5.355.51Ms K Nisbet1600mGood4Yes$31:37.47
Stewards Report: Held up on straightening.
5 of 513 Feb '19Warwick Farm R1BM70 Hcp350k5.2532Rachel King1600mGood4No$101:38.06
Video Comments: Sat off leader facing the breeze. Niggled along on turn. Weakened out in the run home.
1 of 902 Feb '19Sapphire Coast R6Mdn SW-22k6.356.54Ms K Nisbet1600mSoft6Yes$1.651:39.42
Stewards Report: Checked near 400m.
4 of 1414 Jan '19Nowra R3Mdn Hcp-22k1.35612R Dolan1400mSoft6Yes$3.21:24.50
Stewards Report: Checked near turn.
2 of 1102 Jan '19Sapphire Coast R7Mdn SW-22k0.555.511Ms J Taylor1408mGood4Yes$2.41:27.17
Stewards Report: Wide throughout.
13 of 1320 Dec '18Goulburn R5Mdn Hcp322k4572Ms J Taylor1300mGood4Yes$91:17.42
Stewards Report: Checked near 400m.
5 of 1201 Dec '18Kembla Grange R4Mdn SW-35k3.355.53Ms J Taylor1200mHeavy8Yes$111:10.83
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
--- 160 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 1424 Jun '18Wagga R2Mdn Hcp-20k0.8555Ms J Taylor1400mSoft5No$2.81:25.43
10 of 1213 Jun '18Warwick Farm R2Mdn SW240k7.45611Ms J Taylor1200mHeavy8No$1011:11.95
Video Comments: Caught four wide without cover out the back, forced extremely wide on turn, couldn't run on but be forgiving after having plenty against.
7 of 930 May '18Warwick Farm R1Mdn SW240k3553Ms J Taylor1200mSoft6No$911:12.16
Stewards Report: Checked near 200m.
Video Comments: Drifted back worse than midfield, back to last on turn, held up first half of the straight, couldn't make any impression when clear.
--- 77 DAY LET UP ---
6 of 714 Mar '18Kembla Grange R1BTrial20k6.2-6Ms J Taylor800mSoft7No$00:47.36
7. The Bald Eagle (6)
Brenton Avdulla (56.5)
Navy Blue, Gold Lightning Bolt, Gold And White Armbands, Gold Cap
Age 5yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill)
Breeding  All American - Salutations (Redoute's Choice)
Owners  R & C Legh Racing (Mgr: R P Legh), S W Kay, Gurners Bloodstock (Mgr: M A Ramsden), J A Baldacchino, P J & Mrs D F Grimsey, J R Markey, G M C Livestock (Mgr: Mrs K A Carroll), Dr J T Kennedy & J A Ken
Laid out near turn 3/4 len win of 7 (4) $4.60 57.0 Bad Boy For Love. Monsieur Macron 1500m Hawkesbury Hcp (C2) Good(4) Aug 1. Hung out in straight. Wide throughout 3-1/2 len 10th of 11 (11) $17.00 57.5 Song And A Prayer 1600m Warwick Farm 4yo+ (Bm70) Good(4) Aug 14.
Career: 13 2-3-1
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 0 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 8 1-2-0
Dead: N/a
Slow: 3 0-1-0
Heavy: 2 1-0-1
Earnings: $69,600
Won Between: 900m to 1500m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 157 DAY SPELL ---
10 of 1114 Aug '19Warwick Farm R6BM70 Hcp4+50k3.657.511B Avdulla1600mGood4Yes$171:37.13
Stewards Report: Hung out in straight. Wide throughout.
Video Comments: Jumped well but was trapped 3 wide up on speed. Ran out at the corner and just allowed to find the line under his own steam.
1 of 701 Aug '19Hawkesbury R3Cls 2 Hcp-35k0.8574B Avdulla1500mGood4Yes$4.61:30.38
Stewards Report: Laid out near turn.
6 of 920 Jul '19Kembla Grange R4BM64 Hcp-35k2.5598S Guymer1400mGood4Yes$4.41:24.74
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Inquiry into performance. Vetted - no abnormalities.
--- 36 DAY FRESHEN ---
1 of 914 Jun '19Geelong R3Mdn SW2+35k0.158.57J Winks1240mHeavy10Yes$2.351:18.55
--- 148 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 1217 Jan '19Racing.Com Park R5Mdn SW3+35k0.858.510D Dunn1600mGood4Yes$4.21:39.75
2 of 904 Jan '19Cranbourne R1Mdn SW3+35k0.358.58D Dunn1500mGood3No$31:31.47
Stewards Report: Wide throughout.
4 of 1121 Dec '18Moonee Valley R2Mdn SW3+30k358.58D Dunn1600mSoft5Yes$81:41.17
Video Comments: Set the pace then was joined by winner and third for a great 3-way tussle from the bend, first one to drop off but held on OK, not disgraced, gap to rest.
4 of 1002 Dec '18Newcastle R7Mdn Hcp-35k3.658.55K Jennings1300mGood4Yes$8.51:18.40
1 of 719 Nov '18Rosehill R15BTrial4+0k0.3-1Tommy Berry900mGood4No$00:54.58
4 of 802 Nov '18Rosehill R12BTrial3+0k1.9-4K Jennings900mGood4No$00:55.27
--- 122 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 903 Jul '18Gosford R4Mdn Hcp330k358.55B Avdulla1600mHeavy8No$2.151:43.83
Stewards Report: Lost a plate.
2 of 611 Jun '18Randwick-Kensingto R1Mdn Hcp350k355.53B Avdulla1400mSoft6Yes$61:22.38
Stewards Report: Hampered near 400m.
Video Comments: Given time to balance up, ridden along to improve three and four wide on the turn, worked right to the line.
10 of 1416 May '18Sandown-Hillside R1Mdn SW2+27k4.558.57D Dunn1300mSoft5Yes$161:19.10
Stewards Report: Raced three wide.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
5 of 1018 Apr '18Sandown-Lakeside R1Mdn SW327k3.6584D Dunn1300mGood4No$121:18.40
--- 259 DAY SPELL ---
8 of 1202 Aug '17Sale R5Mdn SW325k5581Patrick Moloney1200mGood4No$8.51:10.90
Stewards Report: Held up near 400m.
8. Kelvinside (9)
Sam Clipperton (55)
Yellow, Green Crossed Sashes, Red Armbands And Cap
Age 7yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  J & G Lee (Randwick)
Breeding  Lonhro - Sunday Adieu (Fuji Kiseki(JPN))
Owners  D R Lee, E Y M Trautwein, P McAuley, A McMahon, J Fox & Mrs T Fox
2-3/4 len 5th of 10 (9) $51.00 56.0 Jack's Bar 1200m Warwick Farm 3yo+ (Bm70) Soft(6) June 12. Sht nk 2nd of 10 (9) $21.00 55.5 Watchdog 1600m Warwick Farm 3yo+ (Bm70) Soft(6) July 17.
Career: 37 3-4-8
Track: 4 0-0-2
Dist: 2 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 2 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 24 2-3-6
Dead: N/a
Slow: 8 1-1-2
Heavy: 5 0-0-0
Earnings: $147,430
Won Between: 736m to 1600m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 185 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 1017 Jul '19Warwick Farm R3BM70 Hcp3+50k0.255.59S Clipperton1600mSoft6No$211:38.50
Video Comments: Slotted in one off the fence worse than midfield. Rushed around field at 600m at join leaders 3W. Fought tenaciously to only be edged out late. Great ride.
--- 35 DAY FRESHEN ---
5 of 1012 Jun '19Warwick Farm R5BM70 Hcp3+50k2.9569J P Morris1200mSoft6No$511:11.28
Video Comments: Lobbed along out the back. Hooked deep at the top of the straight and ran on strongly in on-pace dominated event.
--- 117 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 815 Feb '19Canterbury R3BM70 Hcp3+50k4568S Clipperton1900mGood3No$141:58.96
Video Comments: Slowest away and settled at rear 10 len, switched deep at corner, made late ground down middle for a distant 3rd.
6 of 1006 Feb '19Randwick-Kensingto R5BM70 Hcp3+50k4579B Shinn1800mGood3No$101:48.08
Video Comments: Eased out the back from a wide gate. Still last and 10L off leader straightening. Came to extreme outside. Chased hard but never likely.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
3 of 909 Jan '19Canterbury R4BM72 Hcp3+50k1.7566A Hyeronimus1900mSoft6No$171:58.18
Stewards Report: Held up near 100m.
Video Comments: Drifted back to settle last one out. Made ground approaching turn and then held up until the concluding stages when rattled home late.
3 of 1026 Dec '18Randwick R6BM70 Hcp3+60k1.456.59A Hyeronimus1600mGood4No$411:35.19
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
Video Comments: Slowly away and settled last. Tracked home the winner and was going home just as well down to the line. One for the black bookers.
7 of 914 Dec '18Canterbury R3BM70 Hcp3+50k4.4579J B Mc Donald1550mHeavy8No$211:36.29
Stewards Report: Shifted in at start.
Video Comments: Drifted back one off the fence worse than midfield. Made run 4WNC on turn. Deep straightening. Didn't run on.
7 of 1125 Nov '18Goulburn R7Open Hcp-152k3.5545J P Morris1600mGood3No$711:34.17
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
3 of 704 Nov '18Goulburn R3BM66 Hcp-27.2k2.561.54J P Morris1600mGood3No$211:35.49
Stewards Report: Thumps.
7 of 710 Oct '18Warwick Farm R7BM76 Hcp3+50k6.9534Fred W Kersley1600mHeavy10No$411:44.35
Video Comments: Began on terms settling 5th 1x1, urged along going nowhere turn, laboured in straight, eased down final 50m when well out of contention.
1 of 922 Sep '18Kembla Grange R7BM70 Hcp-35k0.456.54J P Morris1600mGood3No$411:38.96
Stewards Report: Overraced middle stages.
10 of 1101 Sep '18Hawkesbury R7BM64 Hcp-35k8.6605J P Morris1400mGood3No$411:23.53
Video Comments: Back soon after the start and on the fence. Took all the shortcuts rounding the turn but only plodded home.
3 of 909 Aug '18Kembla Grange R4BM64 Hcp-30k660.58J P Morris1200mGood3No$211:09.56
Stewards Report: Eased at start.
6 of 713 Jul '18Randwick R9BTrial3+0k10.7-6J P Morris735mGood4No$00:43.43
--- 90 DAY SPELL ---
9 of 1014 Apr '18Newcastle R8Cls 2 Hcp-30k4.458.59K Jennings1400mGood3No$211:24.65
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Overraced early stages.
--- 39 DAY FRESHEN ---
6 of 806 Mar '18Kembla Grange R7Cls 2 Hcp-30k6596A Hyeronimus1200mSoft6Yes$51:11.10
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Hung out early, middle stages. Vetted - no abnormalities.
5 of 914 Feb '18Warwick Farm R8BM78 Hcp3+40k3.3569J R Collett1400mGood3No$171:22.81
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
2 of 817 Jan '18Warwick Farm R4BM72 Hcp3+40k0.2585D P Mc Donogh1200mGood3No$101:10.64
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Overraced middle stages.
1 of 904 Jan '18Warwick Farm R14BTrial3+0k0.2-1B Shinn804mSoft5No$00:48.20
--- 105 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 521 Sep '17Hawkesbury R3Cls 2 Hcp-30k4591Mitchell Bell1600mGood3No$9.51:35.00
5 of 1205 Sep '17Beaumont R6Cls 2 Hcp-30k3.958.51Mitchell Bell1350mGood3No$8.51:20.32
9. Dream Habit (2)
Ms Jess Taylor (53)
Purple, Green Maltese Cross, Sleeves And Cap
Age 8yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  G L Andrews (Muswellbrook)
Breeding  Time Thief - Secret Habit (Royal Academy(USA))
Owners  Mrs K L Andrews
7 len 7th of 12 (1) $21.00 55.0 Da Power 1500m Muswellbrook (Bm58) Soft(5) Aug 4. Slowly away 9-1/4 len 8th of 12 (8) $14.00 54.0 Mister Smartee 1450m Kempsey (Bm66) Good(3) Aug 8.
Career: 71 7-5-4
Track: 2 0-0-0
Dist: 4 2-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 1 0-0-0
Good: 46 3-3-3
Dead: N/a
Slow: 19 3-2-0
Heavy: 5 1-0-1
Earnings: $133,421
Won Between: 727m to 1625m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 163 DAY SPELL ---
8 of 1208 Aug '19Kempsey R7BM66 Hcp-22k9.3548Ms R Murray1450mGood3Yes$141:25.33
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
7 of 1204 Aug '19Muswellbrook R5BM58 Hcp-22k7551Ms R Murray1500mSoft5No$211:30.31
--- 34 DAY FRESHEN ---
7 of 801 Jul '19Muswellbrook R4BM66 Hcp-22k4551M Bennett1450mSoft5Yes$111:28.01
2 of 924 Jun '19Scone R4BM58 Hcp-22k0.354.52Ms J Taylor1600mGood4Yes$8.51:38.86
4 of 1016 Jun '19Muswellbrook R4BM66 Hcp-22k3.1545Ms J Taylor1500mGood4Yes$811:30.86
10 of 1109 Jun '19Hawkesbury R6BM64 Hcp3+35k9.4549Ms R Murray1300mSoft6Yes$2011:17.32
Stewards Report: Dwelt at start (2L).
10 of 1126 May '19Muswellbrook R5BM58 Hcp-22k4.955.511M Squires1280mGood4Yes$1011:16.53
7 of 702 May '19Wyong R8BM64 Hcp-35k13.554.52S Lisnyy1100mGood4Yes$1011:03.57
Stewards Report: Dwelt at start (2L). Vetted - no abnormalities.
--- 200 DAY SPELL ---
8 of 914 Oct '18Armidale R7BM66 Hcp-30k6.2543M Squires1300mSoft6Yes$91:17.74
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Hung in in straight.
--- 54 DAY LET UP ---
9 of 1421 Aug '18Muswellbrook R6BM58 Hcp-20k3.256.512Ms L G Henry1500mGood4Yes$121:30.01
5 of 913 Aug '18Quirindi R3BM56 Hcp-20k3.5584P Graham1600mGood3Yes$51:38.50
Stewards Report: Dwelt at start (2L).
3 of 1405 Aug '18Muswellbrook R4BM58 Hcp-20k2.4558R Dolan1500mGood4No$81:29.99
Stewards Report: Dwelt at start (2L).
5 of 1220 Jul '18Taree R6BM55 Hcp-20k3.75910P Graham1300mGood4Yes$311:21.98
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
2 of 1302 Jul '18Gunnedah R7BM54 Hcp-20k0.159.57P Graham1400mGood3Yes$141:23.16
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
4 of 1219 Jun '18Tamworth R5BM55 Hcp-20k2.5592M Mc Guren1400mGood3Yes$61:23.96
Stewards Report: Broke poorly (3L). Warning - uncompetitive.
7 of 1009 Jun '18Newcastle R8BM64 Hcp-30k6.855.51G Buckley1400mHeavy8Yes$111:25.46
Stewards Report: Broke poorly (3L).
7 of 822 May '18Wyong R7BM68 Hcp-30k2.9548Ms K O'Hara1350mGood4Yes$411:20.19
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
4 of 824 Apr '18Lismore R7BM65 Hcp-20k4.6568M Paget1400mHeavy10No$4.81:29.35
Stewards Report: Eased early stages.
6 of 1216 Apr '18Grafton R7BM66 Hcp-20k2.7568M Paget1410mGood4No$201:23.92
6 of 1410 Apr '18Ballina R7BM65 Hcp-20k35712M Mc Guren1600mSoft6No$121:41.60
Stewards Report: Hampered early stages.
3 of 1324 Mar '18Gold Coast R8BM65 Hcp-16k4.2541Clayton Gallagher1400mHeavy8No$121:25.67