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Morphettville R1
Romeo's Foodhall Iga
RAIL: Out 6 metres Entire. Sectional 608m   CLASS: BM80   AGE: No Restriction   SEX: No Restriction   PRIZEMONEY: $50,000   DISTANCE: 2500m
No.SilkRunnerBarHcpDSLSCareerWin%Plc%APILast Start2nd Last3rd Last4th Last
J Jerry Chau - T Ryan Balfour
559781 12-8-1314.8%40.7%
5 / 8
1950m S
3 / 5
2250m G
3 / 7
2000m S
1 / 8
1950m G
2Flow Meter
J Sairyn Fawke - T J E Hickmott
1587119 14-19-1511.8%40.3%
4 / 8
1950m S
2 / 5
2250m G
2 / 7
2000m S
2 / 8
1950m G
J Todd Pannell - T Michael Hickmott
255.5719 3-1-215.8%31.6%
1 / 8
2250m S
6 / 9
2014m S
3 / 9
1600m G
7 / 9
1600m G
4Golden Flag
J Ms Georgina Cartwright - T P F Ryan
3541625 3-3-412%40%
6 / 10
2200m G
6 / 9
3400m S
LR / 9
3480m S
3 / 10
3200m S
5Comfort Man
J Paul Gatt - T Shayne Cahill
154710 2-0-220%40%
7 / 8
2250m S
1 / 8
2200m G
3 / 10
2000m G
5 / 10
2000m G
6King Valour
J Dom Tourneur - T Grant Young
454529 2-3-46.9%31%
2 / 7
2100m G
4 / 10
2000m G
9 / 9
2050m S
6 / 7
2122m S
DSLS = Days Since Last Start,   API = Average Prizemoney Index
1. Aagas (5)
Jerry Chau (59)
White, Royal Blue Hoops, Royal Blue Sleeves, White Armbands, Quartered Cap
Age 8yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
GEAR CHANGES: Ear Muffs Back On. Ear Muffs (pre-race Only) Off First Time
Trainer  Ryan Balfour (Morphettville 1)
Breeding  Golden Snake(USA) - Brindabella (Bellotto(USA))
Owners  P Kristoris & Ms S M Kristoris
Inconvenienced near 100m 2-3/4 len. 2-1/2 len 3rd of 5 (2) $3.80 56.5 Charossa. Flow Meter 2250m Morphettville Parks (Bm80) Good(4) Sept 28. 6-3/4 len 5th of 8 (8) $11.00 54.0 Jaguary 1950m Morphettville Parks (Bm85) Soft(5) Oct 5.
Career: 81 12-8-13
Track: 12 1-1-4
Dist: 4 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 1 0-0-1
Good: 41 6-2-6
Dead: N/a
Slow: 27 3-4-5
Heavy: 11 3-2-1
Earnings: $292,594
Won Between: 1600m to 2400m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 244 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 805 Oct '19Morphettville Park R7BM85 Hcp-50k6.9548Lewis German1950mSoft5No$112:04.17
Video Comments: Unhurried out and raced 2w at rear 6 len, peeled deeper at turn and hard pressed into straight, made minor ground.
3 of 528 Sep '19Morphettville Park R2BM80 Hcp-50k5.356.52Jerry Chau2250mGood4No$3.82:26.91
Stewards Report: Inconvenienced near 100m.
Video Comments: Settled 2nd-last 4 len 2w, improved mid and took control at 600m, dropped back to 2nd entering stretch, weak late.
3 of 714 Sep '19Morphettville R3BM80 Hcp-50k1.456.52Jerry Chau2000mSoft5No$82:04.90
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Overraced early, middle stages.
Video Comments: Away awkwardly but mustered to share lead, went clear mid, joined by winner at turn, boxed on until 100m, faded but held 3rd.
1 of 831 Aug '19Morphettville Park R3BM86 Hcp-45k1.8556Lewis German1950mGood4No$2.72:03.63
Video Comments: Good start, len 2nd early/ mid, on terms at corner, gave kick at top of stretch and dashed clear for commanding win.
3 of 717 Aug '19Morphettville R2BM82 Hcp-45k4.157.53D Tourneur2028mSoft5No$8.52:09.11
Video Comments: Began with them settling down in the 1 x 1. Came 3 deep at the corner under a ride and fought on gamely down to the post.
4 of 503 Aug '19Morphettville R1BM82 Hcp-45k1.4574S Price2014mSoft6No$2.82:09.27
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
Video Comments: Broke out the back, raced 2nd-last 2w 4 len, same at turn, battled home.
2 of 713 Jul '19Gawler R5BM82 Hcp-45k0.257.52S Price2100mHeavy8No$62:18.31
Video Comments: Fair start, settled towards rear, advanced corner, on terms into stretch, boxed on to just miss.
2 of 629 Jun '19Morphettville Park R2BM82 Hcp-45k1.856.53Todd Pannell1550mHeavy8No$161:39.32
Stewards Report: Held up near 400m. Laid out in straight.
Video Comments: Settled handy, traffic at turn, presented in stretch, gave solid chase but winner too strong.
5 of 713 Jun '19Morphettville Park R12BTrial-0k3.1-5Jerry Chau1250mSoft7No$01:21.92
--- 68 DAY LET UP ---
6 of 1206 Apr '19Morphettville Park R3BM86 Hcp-100k2.952.55Chelsea Macfarlane2250mGood4No$172:23.56
Video Comments: Moderate start settling in back half 2w, sent deeper at corner, took time to pick up, trimmed margin.
4 of 823 Mar '19Morphettville Park R6BM82 Hcp-45k154.57Chelsea Macfarlane2250mGood4No$62:22.15
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Shifted out at start.
Video Comments: Began awkwardly and settled a detached last, angled deeper at corner, closed intently to just miss a place.
7 of 1911 Mar '19Morphettville R7Group 2 Hcp3+405.8k6.9536C J Parish3200mGood3No$1013:25.94
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
Video Comments: Jumped midfield and sat one out. Received a nice ride and ran through in between runners at the turn and battled solidly to the post.
4 of 802 Mar '19Morphettville R7Group 3 SW With Penalties-120.3k4.2557C J Parish2600mGood4No$202:45.67
Video Comments: Drifted back early to settle last fence. Tracked up winner from the turn, couldn't sprint with him but was strong and dour at the line.
4 of 916 Feb '19Morphettville R7LR Quality-100.3k1.9545C J Parish2040mGood4No$152:05.29
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Hampered at start.
Video Comments: Began awkwardly and hampered early before settling at rear 10 len, 2nd last at corner on inside, stuck to inside and finished solidly to just miss the minors.
--- 49 DAY LET UP ---
1 of 629 Dec '18Morphettville R2BM82 Hcp-45k0.255.54Jamie Kah2035mGood4No$2.72:05.94
Stewards Report: Laid in concluding stages.
Video Comments: Away okay, allowed others to pass and settled 4th, touch closer at turn, picked up well in stretch and despite wanting to lay in late he kept on determinedly to score.
1 of 715 Dec '18Gawler R1BM82 Hcp-45k0.3543Jamie Kah2100mGood4No$2.72:10.70
Video Comments: Away well, settled 4th 2w behind clear leader, got moving deep approaching turn, head to head in stretch and gained upper hand late.
3 of 501 Dec '18Morphettville Park R3BM70 Hcp-35k1.458.54C J Parish2250mGood4No$5.52:25.70
Stewards Report: Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Began on terms, eased back to 4th 1x1, ran home gamely, honest effort.
2 of 724 Nov '18Morphettville Park R1BM82 Hcp-45k0.1546C J Parish2250mGood4No$4.82:26.28
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly.
Video Comments: Relaxed at rear and patiently ridden to corner, sent deep into stretch, charged to lead inside 200m, looked winner but just shaded on line.
3 of 1117 Nov '18Morphettville Park R7BM70 Hcp-35k1.6582C J Parish1950mGood4No$122:03.97
Stewards Report: Held up near 200m. Lost a plate.
Video Comments: Fair start, settled around midfield on rail, in tight quarters entering straight, ran on well when clear to just miss second.
2 of 509 Nov '18Gawler R12BTrial-0k0.8-2Ryusei Sakai1200mGood4No$01:14.39
3 of 720 Oct '18Morphettville R5BM75 Hcp-45k0.855.57Todd Pannell2035mGood4No$3.12:06.69
Video Comments: Moderate break from outside gate, pressed forward to sit outside the leader, eyeballed leader at corner, edged clearat 300m, claimed inside final 50m.
2. Flow Meter (1)
Sairyn Fawke (58)
Royal Blue, Cream Diagonal Stripes, Purple Cap
Age 10yo   Sex G   Colour br
Trainer  J E Hickmott (Murray Bridge)
Breeding  Danerich - Trice Moss (Keltrice)
Owners  Mrs N M How & J E Hickmott
2-3/4 len 2nd of 5 (4) $6.00 57.5 Charossa 2250m Morphettville Parks (Bm80) Good(4) Sept 28. 4-3/4 len 4th of 8 (2) $12.00 55.5 Jaguary 1950m Morphettville Parks (Bm85) Soft(5) Oct 5.
Career: 119 14-19-15
Track: 44 4-6-7
Dist: 3 0-1-1
Track/Dist: 2 0-0-1
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 1 0-0-0
Good: 84 11-13-10
Dead: N/a
Slow: 30 3-6-4
Heavy: 4 0-0-1
Earnings: $528,910
Won Between: 1200m to 2014m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 244 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 805 Oct '19Morphettville Park R7BM85 Hcp-50k4.755.52Sairyn Fawke1950mSoft5No$122:04.17
Video Comments: Good start, landed in the 1-1, same mid/corner, under urgings into straight, ran on solidly to just miss 3rd.
2 of 528 Sep '19Morphettville Park R2BM80 Hcp-50k2.857.54Sairyn Fawke2250mGood4No$62:26.91
Video Comments: Landed out the back 7 len on rail, sent deep at turn, kept on without troubling winner.
2 of 714 Sep '19Morphettville R3BM80 Hcp-50k0.1574Sairyn Fawke2000mSoft5No$152:04.90
Video Comments: Away fairly, settled midfield on inside, a touch closer at turn, gave late chase and just failed to peg back the well supported winner.
2 of 831 Aug '19Morphettville Park R3BM86 Hcp-45k1.8574Sairyn Fawke1950mGood4No$6.52:03.63
Video Comments: Even break, settled handy, similar at corner, went to 2nd near 200m, boxed on solidly behind smart winner.
4 of 524 Aug '19Morphettville R2BM82 Hcp-45k2.8563Sairyn Fawke2500mSoft6No$152:44.44
Stewards Report: Overraced early stages. Laid out in straight.
Video Comments: Best away, handed up early lead before racing keenly in 3rd, loomed at corner, even finish.
4 of 717 Aug '19Morphettville R2BM82 Hcp-45k8.357.57Sairyn Fawke2028mSoft5No$8.52:09.11
Video Comments: Slowly away settling down at the tail. Came to the outside at the corner and ran home fairly in the run to the line.
1 of 503 Aug '19Morphettville R1BM82 Hcp-45k1552Sairyn Fawke2014mSoft6No$4.62:09.27
Video Comments: Even break, 3 len 3rd on inside, held up 500m, ridden through to challenge entering stretch, kicked clear final 100m, easy win.
4 of 920 Jul '19Morphettville Park R7BM82 Hcp-45k6.452.57Lewis German2400mSoft6No$132:37.40
Video Comments: Good start, settled 3 len 3rd off clear leader, improved at turn, passed by winner inside 200m, even finish.
8 of 906 Jul '19Flemington R4Open Hcp-150k8.5543D Dunn2600mSoft5No$162:46.00
Video Comments: Sat midfield. Never came on in straight.
2 of 822 Jun '19Flemington R4Open Hcp-135k0.4541Sairyn Fawke2520mSoft7No$812:46.24
Video Comments: Nice trail rails behind speed. Worked off fence straightening. Started to knuckle down at 200m and loomed to win. Only claimed last couple of strides.
3 of 1015 Jun '19Morphettville R2BM82 Hcp-45k0.954.53A Darmanin2500mHeavy8No$312:45.51
Stewards Report: Held up on straightening.
Video Comments: Jumped fairly and settled down 4 back fence. Gradually crept off fence and worked into the clear at the 300. Ran home nicely.
4 of 801 Jun '19Morphettville Park R4BM82 Hcp-45k2.8553Sairyn Fawke2400mGood4No$82:34.22
Video Comments: Good start, parked just off the speed on inside, same at corner and scrubbed into stretch, battled home.
5 of 925 May '19Morphettville Park R4BM82 Hcp-45k2.255.59Sairyn Fawke1950mSoft6No$412:03.45
Video Comments: Out okay before drifting to race near tail, edged to middle of track at turn, even finish.
5 of 1206 May '19Pioneer Park R8Open Hcp-111.6k11.456.51Sairyn Fawke2000mGood3No$102:00.51
2 of 921 Apr '19Penola R7Open Hcp-25k4.8599Sairyn Fawke2100mSoft5No$102:11.29
Stewards Report: Held up near 400m.
8 of 1113 Apr '19Morphettville R4BM90 Hcp-100k3.4542Sairyn Fawke1600mGood4No$711:37.21
Stewards Report: Overraced early, middle stages. Held up near 400m.
Video Comments: Good start and took a sit, keen, similar at bend, battled on until 200m, folded.
2 of 1131 Mar '19Penola R7Open Hcp-30k0.456.53Sairyn Fawke1700mSoft5No$111:45.02
1 of 524 Mar '19Naracoorte R2BM72 Hcp-12k0.259.52Sairyn Fawke1430mGood4No$3.51:27.84
Stewards Report: Held up near 400m. Laid in in straight.
1 of 613 Mar '19Naracoorte R6BM80 Hcp-15k2.356.52Sairyn Fawke1430mGood4No$4.41:27.12
Video Comments: Out well to stalk pace, in tight quarters at corner, edged into clear, gave chase and reeled in leaders at 100m, kicked away from there.
7 of 802 Mar '19Morphettville R5BM75 Hcp-45k3.4566Sairyn Fawke1600mGood4No$411:37.28
Stewards Report: Lost a plate.
Video Comments: Began fairly and settled down wide with a trail. Joined in at the corner and tried all the way to the line, just weakening late.
10 of 1216 Feb '19Morphettville R8BM75 Hcp-45k7.55710Clayton Douglas1600mGood4No$311:35.44
Video Comments: Average start, settled in back third 2w, same at corner, no finish.
3. Franked (2)
Todd Pannell (55.5)
White, Navy Blue Star, Armbands And Cap
Age 6yo   Sex G   Colour ch
Trainer  Michael Hickmott (Murray Bridge 1)
Breeding  Frankel(GB) - Tarocchi(USA) (Affirmed(USA))
Owners  Ms J Kluske-Hickmott, V Oconnor, Ms J H Horvat, S Thorneycroft, Dr A Mills, Ms B M Slowinska, L Simpson, Operation Jellyfish, Omega 3, Carty Racing, A Kirkwood-Scott, Can It B Racing, B Nettlefold, A
3-1/2 len 6th of 9 (3) $12.00 58.0 Shop Til I Drop 2014m Morphettville (Bm70) Soft(6) Sept 21. Nose win of 8 (2) $5.00 57.5 Dr Dependable. Grabbing Glory 2250m Morphettville Parks (Bm70) Soft(5) Oct 5.
Career: 19 3-1-2
Track: 4 0-0-1
Dist: 2 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 1 0-0-0
Good: 9 2-0-2
Dead: N/a
Slow: 8 1-1-0
Heavy: 0 0-0-0
Earnings: $96,917
Won Between: 2118m to 2400m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 244 DAY SPELL ---
1 of 805 Oct '19Morphettville Park R5BM70 Hcp-40k0.157.52Todd Pannell2250mSoft5Yes$52:26.46
Video Comments: Fair start, settled off midfield 3w, under urgings at corner, produced grinding charge down middle to get up in final stride.
6 of 921 Sep '19Morphettville R3BM70 Hcp-40k3.5583S Cahill2014mSoft6Yes$122:06.65
Video Comments: Away fairly, settled midfield 6 len, hard pressed at turn, no finish.
3 of 914 Sep '19Morphettville R7BM66 Hcp3+35k1.3609S Cahill1600mGood4Yes$261:38.31
Video Comments: Away fairly but soon at rear 10 len, advanced to be 4 len 4th at corner, boxed away to grab 3rd late.
7 of 928 Aug '19Murray Bridge Gh R7BM70 Hcp3+15k8.458.59S Cahill1600mGood4Yes$4.41:37.31
Stewards Report: Shifted in at start.
Video Comments: Void of early speed settling last, closer at corner but lacked finishing drive.
4 of 822 Aug '19Morphettville Park R3BTrial-0k7.4-4Anna Jordsjo1000mSoft6No$01:02.21
--- 164 DAY SPELL ---
10 of 1911 Mar '19Morphettville R7Group 2 Hcp3+405.8k7.2537Jamie Kah3200mGood3Yes$163:25.94
Video Comments: Jumped nicely and sat up on speed. Seemed to have every chance throughout after a nice ride and fought on gamely to the post.
1 of 723 Feb '19Morphettville Park R3BM82 Hcp-45k4514Chelsea Hall2400mGood4Yes$72:33.73
Stewards Report: Overraced early, middle stages. Laid out near turn.
Video Comments: Even break, keen early at rear on inside, circled field into straight and hit front at 200m, raced clear.
6 of 1409 Feb '19Morphettville R8BM64 Hcp3+30k3543Chelsea Hall1800mGood4Yes$191:50.40
Stewards Report: Overraced middle stages.
Video Comments: Jumped fairly to eventually settle handy 3 len on inside, hard used to keep up at turn, only battled home.
4 of 1020 Jan '19Gawler R4Cls 1 SW3+15k2.7597S Cahill2122mGood4No$22:13.42
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Shifted out at start. Raced below expectations.
8 of 909 Jan '19Caulfield R5BM70 Hcp-50k10.155.59D Oliver2420mGood3Yes$3.82:32.12
Stewards Report: Wide early stages. Overraced early stages. Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Trapped wide early so worked across to lead. Headed on the corner. Weakened in straight.
5 of 1221 Dec '18Moonee Valley R6BM64 Hcp-40k4.758.51D Oliver2500mSoft7Yes$4.42:45.01
Stewards Report: Struck interference on straightening. Rider charged with careless riding.
Video Comments: Settled just off midfield on the fence, made ground before the bend and was right there, raced tight then had its chance, given a good run.
--- 43 DAY FRESHEN ---
1 of 808 Nov '18Gawler R1Mdn SW3+13k2.8582S Cahill2118mGood4Yes$3.52:13.59
Stewards Report: Overraced early stages.
--- 28 DAY FRESHEN ---
5 of 911 Oct '18Morphettville Park R11BTrial-0k5.2-5Jamie Kah1000mGood4No$01:01.70
--- 175 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 519 Apr '18Murray Bridge R9BTrial-0k3.2-4A K Chan1120mGood4No$01:08.58
--- 175 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 826 Oct '17Fr - Angers R1Cls 3 Special Weight329.2k6.353.53M Pelletan2300mSoftNo$4.22:25.01
--- 65 DAY LET UP ---
4 of 922 Aug '17Fr - Deauville R1Cls 2 Special Weight338k3571V Cheminaud2500mSyntheticNo$5.52:41.83
2 of 729 Jul '17Fr - Vichy R1Mdn SW332.2k0.358.51V Cheminaud2400mSoftNo$4.72:34.51
4 of 1708 Jul '17Fr - Clairefontain R1Mdn SW336.6k2.85811V Cheminaud2400mDeadNo$6.32:31.40
--- 35 DAY FRESHEN ---
5 of 1103 Jun '17Fr - Maisons-Laffi R3Mdn SW343.9k7.3588V Cheminaud2100mSoftNo$13.42:17.29
--- 31 DAY FRESHEN ---
6 of 1203 May '17Fr - Chantilly R1Mdn SW343.9k7.3583V Cheminaud2000mDeadNo$92:08.49
10 of 1006 Apr '17Fr - Saint Cloud R1Cls 2 Special Weight338k18.555.51V Cheminaud2100mFirmNo$6.62:15.29
4. Golden Flag (3)
Ms Georgina Cartwright (54)
Pink And Royal Blue Diagonal Stripes, Pink Cap
Age 6yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
Trainer  P F Ryan (Warrnambool)
Breeding  Raise The Flag(GB) - Personal Column(NZ) (Personal Escort(USA))
Owners  Mrs C S Ryan & H H Wee
Became unbalanced. Hampered at start. Vetted - no abnormalities 54-3/4 len 6th of 9 (4) $9.00 64.5 Double Bluff 3400m Sandown-Lakeside Hrdl (Bm120) Soft(6) May 26. 5-3/4 len 6th of 10 (9) $21.00 56.0 Queen Leonora 2200m Bendigo 3yo+ (Bm64) Good(4) Sept 26.
Career: 25 3-3-4
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 1 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 13 2-2-3
Dead: N/a
Slow: 11 1-1-1
Heavy: 1 0-0-0
Earnings: $75,955
Won Between: 1400m to 2350m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 253 DAY SPELL ---
6 of 1026 Sep '19Bendigo R5BM64 Hcp3+35k5.9569Laura Lafferty2200mGood4No$212:17.87
--- 123 DAY SPELL ---
6 of 926 May '19Sandown-Lakeside R2Rhdle Hcp-50k54.764.54W Gordon3400mSoft6Yes$94:00.04
Stewards Report: Became unbalanced. Hampered at start. Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Began Ok and settled midfield. Didn't look to jump very well and just plugged away to the finish.
LR of 919 May '19Casterton R1Mhdle SW-25k0674D Horner Jnr3480mSoft6Yes$2.83:53.38
Stewards Report: Contacted hurdle. Fell.
3 of 1030 Apr '19Warrnambool R2Mhdle SW-35.2k8.5673D Horner Jnr3200mSoft6No$3.23:40.87
2 of 524 Apr '19Warrnambool R1BTrial-0k0.1-2D Horner Jnr2400mSoft6No$03:08.43
3 of 1117 Apr '19Geelong R6BM64 Hcp3+35k1.2609Declan Bates2400mGood3No$92:30.82
Video Comments: Settled back 3rd last. Was still long way back getting widest from the corner. Made good ground last 200m to grab minor placing.
--- 34 DAY FRESHEN ---
LR of 714 Mar '19Warrnambool R2Mhdle SW3+25k0675D Horner Jnr3200mSoft5No$1.93:39.41
Stewards Report: Vetted - no abnormalities.
3 of 508 Mar '19Cranbourne Trainin R6BTrial-0k0.5-3D Horner Jnr2800mSoft5No$03:21.41
3 of 501 Mar '19Warrnambool R2BTrial-0k4.5-3D Horner Jnr2400mSoft5No$03:04.87
3 of 1021 Feb '19Warrnambool R5BM58 Hcp3+22k2.8606Alana Kelly2388mGood4No$3.52:33.23
Stewards Report: Wide early stages.
1 of 905 Feb '19Warrnambool R2BM58 Hcp3+35k0.8714D Horner Jnr2350mGood4No$2.82:31.50
5 of 822 Jan '19Warrnambool R6BM64 Hcp-35k0.6584Dean Holland2000mGood4No$3.52:09.86
2 of 806 Jan '19Warrnambool R5BM64 Hcp-35k0.8586Dean Holland2035mGood4No$4.62:07.36
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
--- 171 DAY SPELL ---
4 of 1119 Jul '18Echuca R8BM70 Hcp-30k2.2554D Yendall2100mGood4No$42:12.39
8 of 1104 Jul '18Sandown-Hillside R3BM64 Hcp-35k7.457.511Ethan Brown1800mGood3No$71:52.02
Stewards Report: Vetted - no abnormalities.
Video Comments: Settled well back and never came into the race, jockey thought he might need further, very poor.
5 of 1624 Jun '18Ballarat R6BM64 Hcp-25k6.159.52D Yendall1600mHeavy8No$131:43.89
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
--- 52 DAY LET UP ---
5 of 1503 May '18Warrnambool R4BM64 Hcp-25k7.1601John Allen2000mSoft5No$132:06.30
4 of 912 Apr '18Racing.Com Park R6BM64 Hcp-27k1.2603B Rawiller1600mGood4No$111:41.75
5 of 1027 Mar '18Ballarat R8BM64 Hcp-25k3.46010John Allen1400mSoft5No$91:27.69
--- 144 DAY SPELL ---
8 of 1103 Nov '17Moonee Valley R7BM70 Hcp-40k9.457.57John Allen2500mGood3No$4.22:38.23
Stewards Report: Wide during race. Sore.
2 of 1217 Oct '17Kyneton R8BM64 Hcp-20k0.1597Ethan Brown2837mGood3No$2.253:02.06
Stewards Report: Laid in in straight.
6. King Valour (4)
Dom Tourneur (54)
Teal, Turquoise Angled Quarters And Sleeves, Teal Cap
Age 7yo   Sex G   Colour BLK
GEAR CHANGES: Blinkers Off. Winkers Back On
Trainer  Grant Young (Murray Bridge)
Breeding  Zabeel(NZ) - Lady Fashion(NZ) (Stravinsky(USA))
Owners  Roi Bloodstock (Mgr: E C Watt)
3-1/4 len 4th of 10 (9) $8.00 55.0 Sasun 2000m Murray Bridge Gh (Bm60) Good(4) Oct 2. Nose 2nd of 7 (3) $6.00 54.0 Classy Joe 2100m Gawler (Bm60) Good(4) Oct 7.
Career: 29 2-3-4
Track: 0 0-0-0
Dist: 0 0-0-0
Track/Dist: 0 0-0-0
1st Up: N/a
2nd Up: N/a
Fast: 0 0-0-0
Good: 11 1-1-1
Dead: N/a
Slow: 11 1-2-2
Heavy: 4 0-0-1
Earnings: $58,877
Won Between: 2050m to 2430m
PlacingDateRaceClassAgePrizeLenHcpBarJockeyDistCondBlinkSPWin Time
--- 242 DAY SPELL ---
2 of 707 Oct '19Gawler R6BM60 Hcp-20k0.1543D Tourneur2100mGood4Yes$62:12.52
4 of 1002 Oct '19Murray Bridge Gh R4BM60 Hcp-20k3.1559D Tourneur2000mGood4Yes$82:05.28
Video Comments: Fair start, advanced deep to find the lead, joined at corner but found reserves and kept on until inside 100m, faded.
9 of 925 Sep '19Strathalbyn R6BM64 Hcp3+20k12.9527Sophie Logan2050mSoft6No$312:15.12
Video Comments: Away only fairly, settled in back half, roused at 400m, found nothing in stretch.
6 of 704 Sep '19Gawler R3BM64 Hcp-20k7.7652Ronan Short2122mSoft6No$152:19.65
Video Comments: Even break, settled midfield on rail 5 len, hard pressed at corner, didn't run on.
4 of 725 Aug '19Racing.Com Park Sy R5BM58 Hcp3+22k4.7596B Rawiller2200mSyntheticNo$6.52:20.91
13 of 1422 Aug '19Moe R8BM58 Hcp3+35k21.9594A Lynch2400mHeavy10No$312:45.88
8 of 1212 Aug '19Racing.Com Park Sy R7BM58 Hcp3+22k5.259.59A Lynch2200mSyntheticNo$512:23.35
FF of 1420 Jul '19Moe R7RST58 Hcp3+22k0582Thomas Stockdale2400mHeavy9Yes$202:42.88
Stewards Report: Keen. Weakened near 500m.
5 of 604 Jul '19Cranbourne Trainin R1BTrial-0k5.7-5Lee Horner2400mHeavy8No$02:57.49
7 of 1430 Jun '19Bairnsdale R7BM58 Hcp-22k5.958.514Thomas Stockdale1600mSoft5Yes$261:40.86
Stewards Report: Slowly away.
13 of 1303 Jun '19Moe R9BM58 Hcp-22k28.3613M J Walker1600mHeavy10Yes$261:45.64
Stewards Report: Weakened in straight. Vetted - no abnormalities.
--- 286 DAY SPELL ---
5 of 621 Aug '18Cranbourne Trainin R24BTrial3+0k7.3-5Ms S Thornton1190mHeavy10No$01:18.34
--- 146 DAY SPELL ---
10 of 1328 Mar '18Sandown-Hillside R7BM64 Hcp-35k1358.510B Melham2400mGood3Yes$72:29.88
8 of 1209 Mar '18Cranbourne R6BM64 Hcp-27k5.9571Fred W Kersley2025mGood3Yes$3.72:06.65
Stewards Report: Stewards queried run. Vetted - no abnormalities.
8 of 1123 Feb '18Moonee Valley R6BM64 Hcp-50k9.457.53Zac Spain2040mGood4Yes$92:06.92
Stewards Report: Slowly away. Vetted - no abnormalities.
3 of 1307 Feb '18Sandown-Lakeside R6BM64 Hcp-35k2.457.511Zac Spain2100mGood3No$102:13.02
4 of 919 Jan '18Cranbourne R6BM64 Hcp-27k1.157.55Thomas Stockdale2060mGood3No$102:10.94
Stewards Report: Began awkwardly. Wide early, middle stages. Stewards queried run.
7 of 1110 Jan '18Sandown-Hillside R6BM70 Hcp-40k2.35511Zac Spain1800mGood3No$511:51.43
7 of 822 Dec '17Cranbourne R7BM64 Hcp-27k3.5582Thomas Stockdale1600mGood3Yes$311:38.24
--- 149 DAY SPELL ---
3 of 1526 Jul '17Sandown-Hillside R5BM64 Hcp-35k0.9582Zac Spain2400mSoft6Yes$132:37.38
2 of 806 Jul '17Cranbourne R5BM70 Hcp-30k1.5573N Callow2025mSoft6Yes$5.52:12.82
Stewards Report: Rider told to use more vigour.